Monday, October 27, 2008

November Quilling Patterns

Welcome to the November 2008 Accord Quilling Calendar Pattern Listing

I am providing you a list of all the patterns and the name of the artist who graciously allowed Accord to print them.

November 2008 Accord Calendar Projects

1/2 - Button Mushrooms (Artist: Holly Miller)
3 - Apples (Artist: Stephanie Lucy Djunaedi)
4 - Mushroom and Peas (Artist: Cathy Schlim)
5 - Pumpkin and Harvest Corn (Artist: Constance Godleski)
6 - Grapes (Artist: Constance Godleski)
7 - Flowers (Artist: Patricia Caputo,
8/9 - Pumpkin (Artist: Gerry Stafford)
10 - Porchino Mushroom (Artist: Gerry Stafford)
11 - Pomegranate (Artist: Stephanie Lucy Djunaedi)
12 - Pineapple (Artist: Stephanie Lucy Djunaedi)
13 - Cherries (Artist: Stephanie Lucy Djunaedi
14 - Grapefruit (Artist: Stephanie Lucy Djunaedi)
15/16 - Quill and Ink Inspiration Piece (Artist: Sherry Rodehaver,
17 - Feather (Artist: Sheryl Scott,
18 - Native Headdress (Artist: Sheryl Scott,
19 - Pilgrim Hat (Artist: Cathy Schlim)
20 - Turkey (Artist: Constance Godleski)
21 - Grapevine (Artist: Jane Cleveland)
22/23 - Cornucopia (Artist: Licia Politis)
24 - Gingerbread Man (Artist: Patricia Caputo,
25 - Present (Artist: Debbie Martinez)
26 - Christmas Swag (Artist: Fredricka Whitman)
27 - Candle with Holly (Artist: Patricia Caputo,
28 - Holly Leaves (Artist: Cathy Schlim)
29/30 - Licorice Allsorts (Artist: Licia Politis)


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Friday, October 17, 2008

Free Quilled Witch Hat

This is a fun project for Halloween. A Witches Hat, with some great green hair.

1 - 24 in (60.8 cm) Black Shaped Teardrop
1 - 12 inch (30.4 cm) Black Shaped Teardrop
4 - 1.5 inch (3.8 cm) Purple Spirals (arrange in flower shape and attach to hat)

8 Green (6 inch, 15.2 cm) Spiral, cut to 1/16 inch, .15 cm wide

Arrange as shown in picture.

Copyright for Personal Use Antonella DeFalco

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What is Halloween Anyway?

I know, it is a bit early for Halloween, but I wanted to share a little about Halloween before I share some quilling projects for everyone.

I guess there is no definitive answer for how Halloween came about, but this is one thought.

Several sources say that it dates back to the Celts who believed that on October 31st the spirits of the dead walk the earth / come out of their tombs. They would do things to frighten the ghosts like wearing scary costumes and lighting fires. They also had lucky foods that they ate like apples and nuts.

Many of the things we associate with Halloween are from the Celts. Black is the color of winter and long nights and Orange is the color of the harvest. Black cats were thought to have special powers (makes me want to do something on superstitions).

This Celtic tradition was married with the Christian practices after the Romans invaded. In the Christian tradition, November 1st was All Saints' Day (All Hallows' Day). The mass that the Catholic Church celebrated on November 1st was the mass of all the hallowed (saintly people). So, this meant that October 31st was All Hallows' Eve which later became Halloween.

Happy Halloween!

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

October Quilling Patterns

Welcome to the October 2008 Accord Quilling Calendar Pattern Listing

I am providing you a list of all the patterns and the name of the artist who graciously allowed Accord to print them. These patterns are in the 2008 Accord Quilling Pattern. If the pattern is mine, I have included a link to the pattern online. If I know where a pattern can be found, I will provide a link to that pattern also.

October 2008 Accord Calendar Projects

1 - Autumn Leaves (Artist: Gerry Stafford)
2 - Tropical Leaves (Artist: Stephanie Lucy Djunaedi)
3 - Ferns (Artist: Holly Miller)
4/5 - Flower Basket Inspiration Piece (Artist: Kathy Inzaloca)
6 - Saguaro Cactus (Artist: Gerry Stafford)
7 - Cactus with Butterfly (Artist: Jill VanDieren)
8 - Boot (Artist: Patricia Hummel)
9 - Vine (Artist: Stephanie Lucy Djunaedi)
10 - Wheat (Artist: Jane Cleveland)
11/12 - Pumpkin Wagon (Artist: Jane Cleveland)
13 - Pumpkin Boy (Artist: Linda Krieg,
14 - Jack-o-Lantern (Artist: Toni Jarvis,
15 - Spider with Web (Artist: Vikki Nimmo,
16 - Pumpkins (Artist: Joanne Schneider)
17 - Ghost and Cauldron (Artist: Paige Meeker)
18/19 - Skeleton (Artist: Debbie Martinez)
20 - Scarecrow (Artist: Terri Denis)
21 - Moon (Artist: Debbie Martinez)
22 - Robot (Artist: Suzzy Howard)
23 - Witch (Artist: Suzzy Howard)
24 - Pumpkin Patch (Artist: Terri Denis)
25/26 - Candy Toppers (Artist: Molly Smith,
27 - Cat (Artist: Terri Denis)
28 - Candy Corn (Artist: Suzzy Howard)
29 - Jester (Artist: Susan Harl Custer)
30 - Mask (Artist: Gail Freed)
31 - Black Cat (Artist: Toni Jarvis,


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