Saturday, February 23, 2008

Free Quilling Instructions Double Scroll

Scrolls, scrolls, and more scrolls.... I really love scrolls!

They add a delicate touch to any design that you may have. Today I will share with you the Double Scroll.

The instructions are simple. To make the double scroll:

  • Take a strip of quilling paper
  • Fold it nearly in half, leave about 1/8 in (.3 cm) between the tips of the folded paper.
  • Condition both ends of the strip such that each end is curved in the same direction.
  • Place the quilling paper in the slot at the very top of your slotted tool or at the top of your needle tool or corsage pin.
  • Holding the loose end of the paper in one hand and your tool in the other hand, begin turning the your tool gently pulling the paper.
  • Roll the paper toward the fold starting with the shorter side.
  • They should both the rolled in the same direction on the same side so that you end up with 2 scrolls (one on top of the other).
See the picture for guidance. There are many fun designs you can make with this shape!

Copyright for Personal Use Antonella DeFalco

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