Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

quilled snowman and birdhouse ornament

Happy New Year! Can you believe that 2008 has come and gone and today is the first day of 2009? Neither can I.

Have you made any New Year's resolutions? I don't typically make an official list or anything that I post and mark off what I've done. I am a list maker by nature, so this is just an addendum to the numerous lists that I have going at any given time.

A friend of mine, Bronwyn, posed a question about any quilling plans for 2009, here is my response:

... I didn't get to do as much quilling as I wanted in 2008, so one of my goals is to try to quill more in 2009. Here are some of my ideas for 2009:

  • I love birds, so I'd like to quill some birds. I can promise that this year I will have a Toucan and a Folk Art Bird pattern (these are pretty detailed), and a quick little peacock pattern that will be easy to pull together quickly.

  • If I can, maybe I can get one of my hummingbird ideas into a pattern (I have quilled a few different hummingbirds over the years, so it will be a matter of sitting down and writing down the instructions) and I would love to get around to quilling one of the bald eagle ideas I have (this is definitely more of a wish list at the moment).

  • Ballet Slippers for ballet recitals in our Spring-time. I made a pattern for ballet slippers a few years ago and have only made them and given them away as gifts so far. The term pattern is a bit loose, I have never written down the exact instructions, I more quill from memory. My niece is doing ballet now, so I want to make some for her (and maybe for some in her class too?)

  • Some ornaments - things like snowflakes and these little birdhouses that I did this year for Christmas that I really liked. The snowflake pattern will be the first pattern of the New Year!

  • I would like to do some pattern ideas to celebrate a First Holy Communion or Confirmation.

  • I think this year I will finally publish instructions for doing husking. I like to do husking and make up my own designs, but I would like to share a husked butterfly (actually, I use some husking in some of my hummingbird designs so this will be a good idea). Husking will then round out most of the different types of quilling that people do.

  • Roses - I can't believe I forgot about roses. When I first started quilling, I did a lot of these flowers that I called a wild rose. I have been using them a lot lately, so I will share those as well as instructions for the folded rose.

For those of you who will be, or plan to be in the Tampa, Florida area on May 1 - 3, 2009 perhaps you can join in the North American Quilling Guild's Quilling Conference (NAQGCON)? This is a great time if you can make it. I am planning to attend and teach a class with a friend of mine, Marion (she is going to teach Iris Folding and I am going to teach a folded rose pattern to accompany her design).

Feel free to share in the comments your resolutions or thoughts or suggestions about things you would like me to try to get to in 2009.

quilled snowflake ornament

Hugs and Happy Quilling!
Antonella :-)


Bronwyn Mitchell said...

Love your snowman, Antonella. Looking forward to your 2009 blogging and new designs.

Antonella said...

Bronwyn - you are such a lovely person! thank you! antonella :-)


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