Saturday, October 30, 2010

Quilled Zombie Eyes for Halloween

Aren't these the cutest eyes you have ever seen? They come from Molly Smith, who is a very talented author and artist.  She posted the zombie eyes and the instructions for the eyes and the basket so that any respectable zombie can carry them last year (important note: These are the actually the eyes that Molly quilled, I copied the photo from her post because they were perfect).... I know, I waited a whole year to share them with you and I almost blew it and forgot... Luckily, I am sitting with my son while he is watching something I have no interest in and I had a few minutes to browse around and I found them again! Phew, that was close.

So, although I am a bit late in getting around to Halloween this year but better late than never!  Remember to check out the instructions on Molly's Blog by clicking here.  They remind me of these chocolate and peanut butter filled candies that we used to buy when my girls were little (over 10 years ago - yes, I am getting old), so when I see them I get this craving for chocolate - yum!

May your Halloween be "Frighteningly Fun"

Antonella :-)


Charlotte said...

Antonella -- these are ghoulishly wonderful! Sure to delight the little goblin in us all. Molly has some great ideas and you executed this one perfectly. Thanks for sharing.

Antonella said...

Thank you Charlotte.. only these are actually Molly's eyes - I updated the post so that others will see that also. Sorry for that. :-)

Molly Smith said...

Antonella, thanks for sharing the eyeballs with others, and dropping by and leaving a sweet note. hugs xo

nadornia said...

Super lindos!!!!!!!!
Mil gracias :)

Nati said...

that creative idea!

Antonella said...

Molly, Nadornia, and Nati... Thanks for your kind words and special thanks again to Molly for the project! Hugs, antonella :-)


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