Friday, January 28, 2011

Cupcake Birthday Card

I’m Obsessed I tell ya... I know that is normally not a good thing, but I must be, because almost all of the cards I have created lately have been gift card holders.  Yes, that is true, I am building quite a collection of photos of gift card creations that I have made (I promise to start posting more of them for you)... Most of them inspired by something that I have seen.  

It has been a ton of fun making them and oh so gratifying when the person who received it (or their mom) says something about how much they liked it - yes, I do melt when someone says something nice about something I’ve done (which is why I so love the comments I receive from you).

So, I have decided to enter this card into a challenge.....

This is a cupcake, gift card holder.  My son likes to give me challenges and ideas (especially when the card is for one of his friends or cousins).  He almost always gives me something that will make me scratch my head to try to figure out how to make his request come alive (well, not literally alive).  

So his challenge for me this time was he wanted a card with a cupcake and he wanted a gingerbread man on the cupcake... I do not remember which cupcake card it was that inspired the cupcake, but I thank all of you who have posted pics of your cupcakes.... I took the idea and drew up a little sketch to make sure I got approval from the requester (lol) and ended up with the following card.

quilled cupcake gift card holder

For the top of the cupcake I used paper that was pre-cut in a scallop design that I got from the bargain bin at Michaels.  After I put the card together I wasn’t thrilled with the colors - the paper didn’t pop enough for me, so I tried to add some embellishments and that helped a little... and in the end it looked better in person than the picture I took shows.

For the cupcake, I created my own pattern.  Take a look at the photo with the cupcake open, and you can see that the base card started with a strip of 4” x 12” paper. I used my circle punch on one end, and folded the paper to get the general shape. I then added the scalloped paper and glued it to the top flap and cut around the top to make it rounded (like the icing on a cupcake).

quilled cupcake gift card holder

I added some quick open coils and placed them on the "dots" - my thought was like the confetti you can get on your cupcakes sometimes.

The Gingerbread man was based on a gingerbread image I printed and then used as a template to cut out of my brown paper. I then added his "icing", a bow, and 2 buttons. I think he is adorable. He is actually placed on the card with dimensional tape.

Finally, I added the "shine" to the project by painting on the crystal effects.

Hey, I am going to be a busy girl this weekend. I am hoping to participate in a quilling blog hop - see the link on my sidebar (I will post tomorrow if I didn't miss the deadline) and Sunday kicks off the final One World One Heart Giveaway... Stay tuned because I will be giving away a quilled item to one lucky winner :-)

Hope you are having a wonderful Friday!

Enjoy! Copyright for Personal Use Antonella DeFalco


nadornia said...

Hola Antonella, siempre sorprendiendo con tan lindas ideas.
Te quedo preciosa la tarjeta.
Muchas gracias, besos y buen domingo.


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