Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Something New for Quilling Art and Expression

Hello Again!

Boy, life certainly has a way of getting away from me... but I enjoy a challenge, so I am going to try something new.... I am in the process of creating some projects and themes to help keep me "focused" posting... (yeah, I love the "dot dot dot"  don't you? They let me jump from topic to topic - lol)

My plans (and yes, we know how that quote goes... the best laid plans and all, but what the heck, let's go for it) are to post at least 3 times a week.  To accomplish that I am going to pick specific days of the week and create themes to keep me posting...

On Wednesday I will post a "Wacky Wednesday" post - this will be something crafty, and I am planning on creating printables when possible so look for those... Not sure I am in love with "Wacky Wednesday" but I was shooting for the alliteration, maybe you can help with that :-)

On Friday I will post a "Filigree Friday" post - this will have something to do with quilling... My high goals are to create a new project that contains some quilling and I will also seek out other quilling friends who have posted instructions and point them out to you 

I will try to post one other day of the week, probably Sunday and share a photograph or two... yes, many of my pictures have flowers and trees (what can I say? I am drawn to them and just cannot help myself)

Wish me luck!!!  I'm gonna go create my first "Wacky Wednesday" post now  :-)

Enjoy! Copyright for Personal Use Antonella DeFalco


chillin with Quillin said...

Good luck, I'm excited to see your posts!Paula

Antonella said...

Thanks Paula!!! Wow! That was an incredibly quick response! Have a great day/night

Hugs, antonella :-)

Anonymous said...

Cant wait to see the creativity you come up with ....i am sure following your blog will teach me alot, Thanks

Ann said...

always a pleasure to see whatever you have to post

nadornia said...

Bravo!!! Eres muy creativa Antonella
y haces trabajos lindos!!!
Toda la buena suerte del mundo para ti.

Antonella said...

Suni, I hope that my blog can offer you inspiration and that you enjoy the journey! Ann, Always a pleasure! Nadornia, Many thanks,
antonella :-)


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