Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Wacky Wednesday Quilled Sun ATC Tutorial

Welcome to another Wacky Wednesday and an ATC Tutorial!

First, our interesting "W" word of the day:
     wakerife - means wakeful, indisposed to sleep
This is me lately... which is why I am up at 3 am writing this post instead of sleeping in until 4 am when I have to get up to start my day - lol

I am very happy today, our baseball team won their first playoff game!!! It was a nail biter down to the end.  I think the thing that made me so proud was the fact that after the game my son felt bad for the other boys because they were so sad that they lost.  I love the fact that he has a kind heart.  So in honor of all the hard work and the fact that he will be walking 10 feet tall today, I chose a SUNNY ATC for today's project.

For those of you wondering, ATCs are Artist Trading Cards.  They are basically miniature pieces of art that you share / trade.  If you want to learn a little more, click this link.

I started with your basic 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inch (ATC size) paper.  For this project I cut acrylic paint paper from a pad down to size since I knew I was going to paint it.

I then took different shades of yellow and orange and painted the background.  I started with the lightest shade of yellow across the entire background.  It is hard to see, but that is a very pale yellow not white in the background.  Then I took my brightest yellow and liberally applied it to most of the canvas using a dry brush so you can see the brush marks.  Finally I took a more orange color and applied it in a circular pattern in the center.

  • For the quilled sun, I took a strip of Yellow and Orange quilling paper
  • I started with the yellow and turned it about 8 times and then I looped in the orange
  • I did not glue them together, I simply rolled both colors so that you could see both
  • When I added the orange, I added it to the inside so that when I ended the Yellow was on the outside
  • When I got to the end I cut the orange to the length of the yellow
  • I created a loose coil shape so I let it open up and then glued both ends down
  • I then took various lengths of Yellow and quilled spiral shapes
  • I then arranged the spirals around the sun for the rays of sunshine

And that is it! A very simple and fun card to share with your friends and family.  This pattern is simple enough that you can make them with your kids.

Have a Great Day!! I'd love to see any ATCs you have made!

Enjoy! Copyright for Personal Use Antonella DeFalco


Ann said...

congrats to your sons team on the win.
Very cool ATC I love the way you did the background

Antonella said...

Thanks Ann! Unfortunately we had a heartbreaker :-(
Hugs, antonella :-)


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