Saturday, February 04, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

I have to share this picture that my husband forwarded, Go GIANTS!!!

My husband is a huge football fan, and the Giants are his team... You can imagine how excited he is this year. I am almost afraid to watch the game with him - lol... Another miracle year for the G-men.... I hope it continues for them, so that our household can continue to be a happy one :-)

P.S. My husband made me do it - lol

Enjoy! Copyright for Personal Use Antonella DeFalco


Dianne said...

that's cool
I am a Jets fan so I really don't have a dog in this race although I do really NOT like the Pats

have fun watching the game

love you shadow below, very pretty

Lucy said...

Go Giants...and let's hope that we both have a winning square in the office pool!

Nágela said...

Good game!


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