Friday, June 09, 2006

Why is Quilling Art?

Quilling is a craft that captured my imagination immediately. I was surfing the web, who know what I was looking for, when I traveled down one of the links in my search I found something that had been quilled. I stopped and immediately had to find out more and I haven't stopped yet.

In future posts, I will show you more quilled work as well as provide you instructions with photos and additional links with more information. I love to hear about people and their stories and would love to share your story with others. Please contact me and let me know if you would allow me to interview you and include highlights of your life and quilling on this blog.

You will soon find that Quillers are some of the nicest, open, caring, sharing people out there. I am amazed every day with the people around me.

I hope you have a wonderful day!
Love Unconditionally, Laugh Uncontrollably, Live Unexpectedly Free!

Copyright Antonella DeFalco


Anonymous said...

Hi, i'm from mexico and the art of quilling also is beautiful for me. Your blog is very complete and the information and patterns are excellent, congratulations for to share.
have a good day

Angelica Cuervo
Veracruz, Mexico

Antonella said...

Thank you so much Angelica - have a great day :-) hugs, antonella :-)


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