Friday, July 07, 2006

Quilling off the beaten path

Isn't the internet great? There is so much you can find if you can only find the time (don't we all wish we had more?)

I was looking around and found some neat things that were a bit off the beaten path, but I thought they might be a fun way to start the weekend...

This is just too funny... I found this on "that Jolie Girl" she has found some great goodwill finds and if you scroll down towards the end of her post you will see the quilling pattern that she found... Don't laugh too hard when you see the pattern for men's underwear that she found... You really make me laugh!

Here is a great example of some quilling by Brenda, here is a link to her Fotopage of a quilled fan that she made. Thank you Brenda for the instructions and beautiful fan. And if that weren't enough, check out the beautiful butterfly box . She is a beautiful artist! Brenda wrote to me and sent this link to her finished fan - Please check it out!

And finally, here is a great example of a mother and daughter working together to complete an underwater adventure project of course mom here says that maybe she picked up the brunt of the work because her helper was too busy having fun being a girl.

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!
Love Unconditionally, Laugh Uncontrollably, and Live Unexpectedly Free!


Anonymous said...

Did you happen to see the jungle one we did??

Have a great day~!

Antonella said...

No - can you send me a link? I will include the update. THanks, :-)


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