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Fringed Flowers - more about them

I have previously posted instructions about the basics of making fringed flowers. For more information about Fringed Flowers also check out the detailed instructions for making fringed flowers. I have included more pictures of fringed flowers so that you can see the effect of using different widths and angles in your cuts.

There are a multitude of options for your fringes and they type of flowers you can make, this post will explain some of these differences and show you how it affects the way your "fringes" look.

The basic components to making a fringed flower are:
  • The actual "fringe" on your strip - how wide are your cuts? If they are close together the flower is more delicate and wispy looking
  • The angle of the "fringe" - the look of the fringed flower changes as the angle of your cut deepens
  • There is one other aspect and that is the length of the strip. I have found that for many fringed flower designs you do not necessarily need long strips. I use mostly 4 - 6 inch strips.
After you have created the fringe, you then need to consider the options for rolling the strips:
  • Will you use only the fringed strips?
  • Will you use one or more colors?
  • If you use more than one color will you keep the strips end to end or will you roll them together so that the colors mix and create a shading in the fringe.
  • Will all of your strips be the same width?
  • Will you add a thinner width strip to the front of your flower to create a center?
As you can see, the art of the fringed flower can appear overwhelming. There are so many options and opportunities to make them truly unique. This article is only the starting point for ideas with your fringed flowers. In my next post we will explore some of these options in greater detail as well as more pictures of fringed flowers with different angles and widths.

Relax, remember that this is fun!

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