Thursday, April 05, 2007

Gerbera Daisy Quilling Pattern

quilled gerbera daisy

A splash of color in every Gerbera Daisy...

Do you ever like to challenge yourself? Sometimes I think it is a lot of fun, so I limited myself to the following and decided to see what I could come up with:
  • Black card blank
  • Pink and Turquoise quilling strips
  • Pink, green, and yellow squares
  • White rectangle
  • Rhinestones

For each Daisy:
  • 5 - 6 inch (15.24 cm) Teardrops
  • Place all teardrops with the points touching in the center and glue
  • 1 - rhinestone (placed in the center)

The original card that I wanted to make was this simple color blocked design. I have deliberately included 2 versions of this card to show you how a simple scrapbooking/cardmaking ink drawn stitching can make a world of difference on your finished product.

You can see that these cards are the same except for the added "stitching" on the second card. This very easy to do pattern of "dot dash dot dash dot" (. _ . _ . _ . _) really adds a finishing touch to this card. Where as the first card looks ok, you realize when you see the second card that it could be that much better.

I think my favorite thing about this card is the rhinestones. I have come to appreciate rhinestones and that special something that they add to your projects. I challenge you to take some simple products and come up with your own designs.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a whole slew of cards that I made with these same supplies. Here is my favorite card of all the ones I made.

quilled gerbera daisy

Copyright Antonella DeFalco

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