Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tea Bag Folding - Kite Fold

Instructions for making the Kite Fold

I started with a 2 inch x 2 inch (5.08 cm x 5.08 cm) tile. Tiles can be any size you need, as long as they are square (although there are new designs with oval and cutout tiles, but we won't worry about them right now). Often times, the standard tile size is 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch (3.81 cm x 3.81 cm).

tea bag tile

tea bag tile
Place the tile in a diamond shape and fold it in half (looks like a trianlge on its side).
Open up the paper, place the patterned side down on your worksurface
Fold both of the sides in toward the center fold line you just created

Turn it over and you have a Kite Fold. Congratulations!

You can use low tack tape like masking tape or a re-positionable tape. The idea is to have something that will hold your medallion together until you position them and can glue them together. I use masking tape, I have plenty of that around the house.

Copyright Antonella DeFalco

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Theepz said...

Thanks for the great instructions :)


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