Thursday, February 14, 2008

WINNERS One World One Heart

quilling valentine heart
Happy Valentines Day!

Ok, now for the OWOH giveaway.... DRUM

Special Thank You Gift For our Hostess, Lisa (Heart of the Nest)...

And the Winners are:

The Quilled Heart in a frame: This Girl Remembers Such a delicate little heart. Hope you enjoy it. Stay tuned, I will post the pattern/instructions for how to make this soon (have to run to work now).

quilling santa ornament

The Santa Ornament: Susie (Creative Rainbows) - If you would like him in a frame instead, please let me know and I can do that for you as well. He is truly adorable, the picture really doesn't do him justice. A version of him will be attending the North American Quilling Guild's Annual Meeting in Rhode Island this May.

I wish I could do something for everyone... Just need more time... :-)

Congratulations to all the winners and special Thanks to everyone who participated. If you are a winner, I will attempt to contact you. Please, please also contact me (you can send an email through my profile here) and send me your snail mail information.

I will make a trip to the post office on Saturday (if I don't hear from you by then, I will mail it out as soon as I can... I package up the quilling to prevent it from being squished in the mail).

This has been so much fun, and utterly exhausting. I am only sorry that I wasn't able to get to everyone to enter all the contests. Next time I will start earlier so that I don't miss out on visiting everyone. I still have to go back and add all these new blogs to my links section - they are all worth visiting again and again.

I promise that I will do more of these giveaways going forward...

Thank you for the opportunity to participate!

Many Hugs and Wishes,

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Sherry said...

Congratulations to the winners -- didn't we all win at this wonderful event!!! It's been great!!

By the way Antonella, YOU WON my giveaway at Esprit * d'Art!!!!

My email is on my profile page - please pop over and leave me an email with your address so I can get your collage in the mail to you.


Susie said...

Wow! I'm thrilled! thank you. An email on its way to you Antonella (what a lovely name, by the way).
I have had so much fun. It has been fabulous, but it hasn't finished yet, as hopefully we will all meet up on each others blogs, making friends that we would probably never otherwise met!
Thank you everyone,

Latharia said...

Congratulations, Winners!! :)

Antonella ... I decided to do an extra 4 drawings, because I was so blessed with winning four prizes, so I pulled your name for a surprise package! Please email me with your mailing address!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I am thrilled to have won the lovely heart, and am so very glad that I stubled across OW-OH and decided to participate - it has been an absolute joy to connect with so many talented artist bloggers. :) You should have an email from me with my mailing address - if not, let me know. Thank you again!

Susie said... again. I sent an email, but you may have not got it. I have sent it again, so look out for it. If you don't have it by tomorrow, send me another comment and I will figure another way to send the info!
Thanks again, Susie.

Anonymous said...


The package arrived - yippee!! I am still deciding on the perfect place to hang the heart so that I can properly show it off. I know I saw the photo of it before, but it is just so lovely up close! Thank you so much for your generosity. :) What a wonderful event OWOH has been!!

Antonella said...

Thank you about your wonderful comment about the heart! I hope that you enjoy it! Hugs, Antonella :-)


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