Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Throwback Tuesday Quilled Wreath with Spiral Roses

Welcome to Throwback Tuesday

I  am truly enjoying "re-sharing" past projects with you.  I have a lot of wintery / Christmasy projects, so it is a perfect thing at this time of year!

I love wreaths, and I do think of them this time of year as the season of Advent kicks off.  This year we setup a wreath on our kitchen table with ribbons of purple and rose to ensure we had the correct colors (didn't plan correctly, so couldn't find candles with the proper colors)... No worries though :-)

Alas, I digress.... So this wreath was on a birthday card and is also an ornament.  I may have to pull up some other wreath themed projects I've made, but haven't yet shared... Let's plan on next week being "wreath focused" lol...

I created the wreath shape by taking 2 circle punches and punching one inside the other to create the general wreath shape (I used my 2 and 2-1/2 inch punches)

I then punched fern leaves from various green papers (I am one of the few people who purchased the Empunchler many many moons ago, and used their fern punch).  Some day I am actually going to remember to take out my punches and just punch the shapes over and over again so that I have a ready made stock pile, or I can do what I always do and make it at the last minute :-)

I made certain to punch a 1/16" hole at what would be the top of my wreath.  I do it after I add the greenery just in case it looks better with the hole positioned in a certain place... yes, I spend lots of time worrying and changing my mind.

I made 9 Spiral Roses (click here for a link to the spiral rose instructions)
you can make more or less, I actually created more than 9 and then played around until I found a grouping that I liked... that's what makes this so fun, you can change your arrangement and each wreath you make will be unique.

I then made about 20 - 3 inch (7.6 cm) green shaped teardrops for the leaves on my roses... again, I played with the arrangement until I liked what I saw.

Then I created a few spirals and sprinkled them around for good measure.

Finally, I added a jump ring, and later added ribbon for my hanger to complete the ornament.

I do enjoy creating pieces of my final project and each step along the way agonizing over how I am going to use it...  Truth be told, many times I will create the parts/pieces of my project, and lay the pieces down but won't glue it down right away, this gives me the opportunity to "sleep on it" - do you ever do that? I find that I sometimes get inspired to try something new or to try a specific layout... of course, sometimes the thoughts in my dreams work better than the actual end design - lol.

I'd love to hear from you!

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Helen said...

very nice!

chillin with Quillin said...

very nice !!!!

Ann said...

It's very nice. Love seeing all the different things people are making this time of year

Unknown said...

I love your wreath so much! XO, Aimee


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