Monday, September 02, 2013

Have an Enjoyable Labor Day

Happy Labor Day

Monday, September 2, 2013 is Labor Day in the states.  As the holiday approached, I realized that I don't know much about Labor Day, other than it is celebrated on the first Monday in September, it celebrates workers, and (most importantly) I get a day off from work (lol)...

I read on the US Dept of Labor website that:

  • Labor Day celebrates the "contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country"
  • The first labor day was celebrated in 1882

For me, and many others, it symbolizes the last hurrah before the end of summer, how many of you will take that final family vacation? Take a trip to "the shore" (the beach for those of you not living in New Jersey)

Although some schools have already started, for us this is the last holiday before school starts for our middle schooler although the high school began classes last week.  

On a sillier note, a friend of mine reminded me that Labor is the last day you are allowed to wear white, shoes in particular... Alas, I fear that these life long traditions are slowly slipping away and find that this isn't as true today as it was when I was younger (lol, it is funny how traditions change)

I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy your day in a restful way and have the added pleasure of spending this time with your family.  Our day will most certainly include a BBQ, weather permitting!

Happy Labor Day

Have a wonderful day!
Antonella Quilling Art


Ann said...

The part about having the day off is my favorite part :)
Hope you enjoyed the day

Antonella said...

Ann, I know.. it is my favorite part of the holiday as well... Hugs, antonella :-)

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