Monday, December 15, 2008

Quilling Heart Scroll or Open Heart Shape Instructions

quilling heart scroll open heart shape
The Heart Scroll or Open Heart gets its name from the shape it takes when completed, as can be seen from the picture, it looks like a heart

Instructions for making the Heart Scroll or Open Heart shape are as follows (note: These instructions can be used no matter what length or width paper you are using):

  • Take the quilling strip and fold it in half, creating a "V"
  • Begin by conditioning the quilling strip. This is done by running your fingernail or needle tool along the end of the strip. The paper will begin to curl as the fibers in the paper are broken down.
  • Note that when conditioning the strip, do so on both ends of the "V" so that each end is curved toward the center.

  • Place the quilling paper in the slot at the very top of your slotted tool or at the top of your needle tool or pin.

  • Holding the loose end of the paper in one hand and your tool in the other hand, begin turning the your tool, gently pulling the paper, toward the center of the strip (the valley of the "V").
  • The paper will begin turning as the tool grabs the paper.
  • Repeat with the other end of the strip, turning or curling the strip toward the center. When complete, both curled ends will touch.
  • Adjust the heart to the needed size by pulling the coils away from the center. This can be done using a needle tool or a pin placed in the center of the coils and gently pulling them away from the center.
  • In the picture, both ends are approximately the same size, they do not have to be. One end can be smaller than the other. This is a personal choice and may also depend on how the shape will be used.

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