Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Quilling Spiral Shape Instructions

quilling spiral shape
Instructions for making the Spiral shape are as follows (note: These instructions can be used no matter what length or width paper you are using):

  • To make this shape a needle tool, dowel, knitting needle or some such tool to create the spiral shape.

  • A trick is to moisten the end of the strip, either by using a moist towel or sponge.

  • Take the quilling strip and wrap it around the selected tool.

  • Start at the tip and continue to wrap up the length of the tool.

  • When approaching the end or handle, start sliding the paper off the front of the tool so that you can continue to wrap the spiral shape until the end of the quilling strip.

  • A neat use is to take very long strips (by attaching them end to end). Create a long spiral and outline a photo. Note: it is not an easy task to keep the spiral even when using long strips, but worth the effort.
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