Monday, December 15, 2008

Quilling Shape Teardrop or Raindrop Shape Instructions

quilling teardrop or raindrop shape
The teardrop shape is used in a lot of flower designs and also when doing fill-in type work.

Instructions for making the Teardrop or Raindrop shape are as follows (note: These instructions can be used no matter what length or width paper you are using):

  • Begin by conditioning the quilling strip. This is done by running your fingernail or needle tool along the end of the strip. The paper will begin to curl as the fibers in the paper are broken down.

  • Place the quilling paper in the slot at the very top of your slotted tool or at the top of your needle tool or pin.

  • Holding the loose end of the paper in one hand and your tool in the other hand, begin turning the your tool gently pulling the paper.

  • The paper will begin turning as the tool grabs the paper.

  • Keep an even tension. For this shape do not pull tightly, keep a looser tension so that the shape will open up when pulled off the tool.

  • Keep the edges of the wound paper as even as possible. This prevents creating a little pop-up in the center of your shape. Some people will call this a belly or a tornado.

  • When you get to the end of the strip of paper, pull the paper off of the tool. If using the slotted tool, while holding the end tight slightly turn the slotted tool approximately 1/4 turn in the opposite direction so that the paper releases from the slot.

  • After pulling the paper off, let the coil open up.

  • Carefully glue the end of the paper, using just a small amount (dab) of glue, and pinch the glued end, creating a point on one side and leaving a rounded end opposite the point.

  • When pinching use thumb and index finger.



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