Friday, December 02, 2011

Filigree Friday Cross Ornament

Happy Filigree Friday Everyone!!

quilling quilled spreuer cross dove christmas ornament
I hope that you are enjoying your day! It is too early to know for certain, but I am hopeful today will be nice and sunny (a bit on the colder side, but the sun will definitely go a long way to making it a beautiful day!)

Wow! The holidays are here!!! I cannot believe it, last week was Thanksgiving (for those of you who live in the states) and ourselves with lots of food and goodies... I personally love the goodies - lol!  And now we are almost a week into Advent! Christmas is just around the corner for us!!

I am way, way, way behind in my Christmas ornaments... I am definitely starting to feel worried, because every time I think that I have set aside time to work on them something comes up!! I actually took off yesterday and today (now I didn't have the whole day planned to work on them, but you would think I would have found at least an hour yesterday - nope, didn't happen!) Between running to do something in the morning with my stepdaughter (that was supposed to be 3 hours and ended up being 5 hours - travel time included) and then regular afters school stuff and dinner and yeah, let's not forget the long phone conversation with a friend who moved to Florida, I kinda didn't get anything done... but today will be different... Positive Thinking!!!  and for extra motivation, my friend Lucy will continue to provide the necessary positive reinforcement as she continues to design her awesome Christmas cards this year!!

So, because I have been so bad, I decided I'd share an ornament I made a few years ago.  This is a cross ornament with a sweet dove in the center, the ornament is hanging from an easel card so it could be easily removed or the card itself could be where the ornament was displayed.

quilling quilled spreuer cross dove christmas ornament
Here are some links to similar projects that have more details about the techniques used, if you want specific instructions for this cross, please let me know and I will post them....
Easel Cards and Spreuer Crosses (click on the pictures to go to those posts)
quilling quilled easel card graduation
Easel Card - Graduation

quilling quilled easel card snowman
Easel Card - Snowman

quilling quilled spreuer cross christmas ornament
Quilled Spreuer Cross - Christmas

quilling quilled spreuer cross christmas ornament
Spreuer Cross - Communion

Have a wonderful day and may it be super productive!!!

Hey, I've linked up to this wonderful 26 Day Christmas Craft Marathon Linky Party -

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Enjoy! Copyright for Personal Use Antonella DeFalco


Dr Sonia S V said...

Such a ;y color and beautiful ornament

Mihaela said...

Beautiful ornaments!

Lucy said...

I agree that these are really cute.
now it's time to make some progress on THIS YEAR's ornaments.

All I've done since you saw the last prototype was to order ink cartridges so I don't run out when the time comes to print my backgrounds.

So I'm expecting to see what you've done on Monday when you're back in the office (does this motivate you at all?--ha!)

Ann said...

That is very pretty.
I have days like that all the time. I have intentions of getting things done but other things just get in the way. I hope you had better luck today

chillin with Quillin said...

Beautiful crosses!!!!

Molly Smith said...

What a gorgeous card with the cross ornament! I would have never known you didn't do it this week. That blue (esp. snowflakes) is so trendy this year. Love everything about it and your design is perfect. I've never made a spreuer cross before. Thanks for sharing, Antonella! xo

Nati said...

beautiful idea!!
Nati from Brazil

Charlotte said...

Lovey card and beautiful cross. I really like the addition of the dove. Very festive!

Szalonaisa said...

nice idea! looks great!!

Anonymous said...

I like your work. I have been quilling for 11 years, but I am getting out of it if anyone is interested in the supplies I have. I can only sell and ship in the USA. I am a person with disability and need to sell out. If you are interested please email me.
Mrs. J.

Katrin said...


Artes de Nágela said...

Happy New Year!


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