Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Throwback Tuesday Quilled Snowman and Birdhouse Ornament

Welcome to Throwback Tuesday!

quilled snowman birdhouse ornament

This is an opportunity for me to re-share something that I've shared with you in the past... This being the holiday season and all, I am going to be sharing some ornaments and Christmas themed items from Christmas past... (did you like that little scrooge reference? lol)

My first re-share with you is an ornament that I have shown you in the past, this time I am also going to share with you the tutorial to explain how I created this little guy (you can tell it is a boy because he is wearing a top hat).  I want you to know that this is more of a guideline, since I created this guy quite a while ago and don't quite remember all the sizes...

First, I cut a Birdhouse shape out of designer scrapbook paper, I chose this paper because it was felted, and brown, and had the most beautiful scrolls on it... Ok, my paper addiction is showing :-)

So, I accented the birdhouse with a nice red roof and base, for the entryway, I added a sparkly red circle....

I hand cut the holly leaves from some wide quilling paper and then quilled some nice, red, berries.  I started with a strip approximately 4 inches long and quilled a tight roll.

The center piece is this sweet, little Snowman:
Large Bottom Snowball
  • 4 full strips of white quilling paper
Snowball Face
  • 1-1/2 full strips of white quilling paper
  • I then punched several black "coal" buttons and eyes
  • Cut a small orange triangle
  • Added 2 wiggle eyes (they do make the snowman)
  • For his top hat, I cut an approximate 1 x 1 inch strip of scrapbook paper
  • ... and then cut a circle out of the same paper for the brim of his stylish hat
  • Cut a strip of ribbon for his scarf
  • ... and of course added lots of glitter

You throw in a little love and there you have it... a friendly snowman ornament!

I hope you are having a wonderful day!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cute Rosette Turkey

Wow! Where has the year gone? In the US it is already Thanksgiving time!!! Yikes!!! From here the end of 2012 is within sight :-)  If you are like me, you are looking around and thinking "Oh No! I haven't started getting ready for the other big holiday yet... lol"

I thought I would share a quick little project with you.  It is a very simple Rosette Turkey, the turkey itself is the result of a search on the keyword "turkey" I then picked one that I liked, and printed it 4 times (why 4? Well, I wanted to add dimension so I broke the image into the following pieces:
  • Base image - colored in with colored pencils, what can I say, I still have a young child :-)
  • Feathers and Body and Feet - colored again, but this time added glitter to the pieces that were going to be visible.... as you can see in the picture, I definitely played with the layers here, and cut a few of the feathers out with the next layer I cut.
  • Wings - colored and glittered, and threw in a few feathers for good measure
  • Cute little face - colored and glittered
Tip: For the base image, I colored the outside pieces and cut off his feet to make it a little easier.

So this is how the turkey was born... My sister-in-law doesn't understand and cannot imagine why I would go to all the trouble... Yes, I have a wonderful family who believes that I am completely batty to spend my time crafting... You'd think there would be one of them who would support me? But I digress...

For the Rosette, I punched a Martha border and then used my Martha Score Pad to score the lines... folded and made it into a circle... Ok, you got me... I didn't measure how long my strip was, probably 6 - 8 inches, because I have a lot of strips that length.

I then used a large scallop punch (Marvy Giga Punch 3") as my base and mounted everything on top.

For the card, I created a lip and used the turkey to hold it closed.  I was experimenting, as I included a gift card with it.  This little fella was part of a gift basket.

I hope you are enjoying day, and cannot wait to see all the fun turkey cards everyone has made!

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