Thursday, April 18, 2013

Remembering Those in Boston - Sympathy Card

sympathy card dogwood flower boston marathon

I sit here and keep erasing everything I write. What can you say? It was such a horrible thing to happen. And to think that someone planned this, with the hopes of hurting people is unfathomable.  I suppose the fact that I cannot imagine why someone would do this is reassuring.  There is no justification or excuse for the brutality of releasing a bomb.

As a parent my heart breaks for the 8 year old who was cheering on his father, and makes me ever so grateful that I can put my arms around my son, which I am doing a lot more these days.  I'm certain that I'm not the only one. When you sit back, you cannot help but mourn for the parents and family of the other victims, the woman who was going to be married and the young man whose parents sent him to another country to go to college.

The card I am sharing with you today is a Sympathy card for those who were lost and all those poor souls who have survived and are fighting to make their way back from the terrible wounds and gut wrenching maiming.  I have a friend who didn't make it to the marathon this year and I have a friend whose cousin was one of those hurt, one of the lucky ones who will get to go home soon.

For the card, I mounted one of my favorite photographs of the dogwood tree outside my front door.  I love butterflies and what they symbolize for me, hope.  I read a quote somewhere that I will have to create into a printable "Butterflies are self propelled flowers" by R.H. Heinlein or "Butterflies are flowers with wings" I think this one is an adaptation of a Robert Frost poem.

As I leave you today, I hope these butterflies bring you some hope today.

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