Friday, July 01, 2011

Giveaway Winner!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!

Can you believe it is July 1st today? Boy, more than half the year is gone... I was tickled and honored by all the entries and so happy to see how many people are followers and some of you who became new followers. THANK YOU!!!

I am pleased, so very pleased to announce the winner of my 5 Year boGIVErsary Giveaway....

... drum roll please ....  Comment #29 --> as selected by

It is Kathy from Not Just Emroidery, she is a new follower (awe thanks)!
I visited her blog and pulled this from her profile:
I'm originally from California. Met my hubby on the internet and moved to Arizona. After 15 years in Arizona, we just moved to Wisconsin. Talk about a change! We didn't even own winter clothes!

I've left some love for Kathy on her blog with the good news - and I've also sent her an email directly as she provided a way to get her email!  Have you noticed this too? I have seen a disturbing trend these days, when you enter giveaways people don't contact the winners directly.  I don't get that... I know that I am super busy and don't always get a chance to visit everyone I follow every day, so a quick email letting me know I've won is always appreciated!

Please visit Kathy as I'm sure she'd love to hear from you!

Thank you to everyone! I only wish I could have given everyone something.

What do you guys think about doing some kind of swap?  You know, like we did in the "old days" where everyone who wants to participate makes 5 of the same thing and then everyone gets one of each item?  We used to to it where the number of items matched the number of people participating up to some magic maximum number... thoughts?

Have a Great Day Everyone!

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