Sunday, September 17, 2006

Blogging and Some Cleanup

Inspiration! New Ideas, and Spring Cleaning in the Fall...

I have been inspired. This inspiration is driven by my need to find organization. My current inspiration has been about how I would like this site to move forward.

This site has a lot of information about quilling and tools and techniques that can be found within my Quilling Blog. The reason for trying to organize this information is that I have found that it is not easy to find unless you know where it is. Since many people who visit are new to the site, they may not know where to look. So, I have undertaken a huge effort (at least on my part since I am not a webmaster) to reorganize this website and make finding the information much easier.

I am adding some links on the Left Sidebar for the following items:
  • Quilling Information - - This is all about this site. I am organizing my information so that you will be able to easily find things like instructions for making the Quilling Shapes and links to the Free Patterns.
  • Artist Spotlights - This is a monthly series where I select an artist in various genres and share them and their work with you. As I add new articles, I will post a link here so that you can easily find your favorite artist!
  • Blogs I Read - The web is a fun place, find about some of the neat blogs I like to read.
  • Subscribe Here - If you would like to be notified of changes to this blog you can get updates every time I add new content. You can get email updates by entering your email address (don't forget to reply to the email FeedBurner will send you so that you can complete the transaction) or you can receive an RSS feed by clicking on the orange RSS button. If you have a Google Home Page you can click on the Add to Google button.
  • Recent Posts - A list of the last 10 posts that I have made
  • Archives - A link for each month that I have added information to this site. Please click on the month to see everything for that month.
I sincerely hope that making these changes will help make finding the information you are looking for easier to find. You will see several posts today as I create additional posts that will help with this organization process.

Please comment on this post or send me an email if you have any suggestions or ideas.

Thank you,
Antonella :-)

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Free Quilling Patterns

I have been adding Free Quilling Patterns to this site so that everyone can see how easy quilling is. These patterns are free for personal use. You can use them in any non-commercial way. You may not represent these patterns as your own nor sell them commercially. If you would like to use these patterns or sell them, please contact me and we can discuss your specific details.

Please click to learn the basics of quilling and to learn to make the quilled shapes.

Beginner Patterns (these patterns use only the basic coil and spiral shapes):

  • 7 Petal Daisy - This is your basic Daisy pattern, quick and easy. A classic quilled design.
  • 4 Daisy Patterns - In this post, I provide photo and instructions for 4 basic daisy patterns.
  • Daisy Pattern - yet another daisy pattern. This one is shown on a card to demonstrate how you can combine quilling with card making.
  • Turkey Pattern - this uses simple techniques, but was something new for me. A bit of an abstract attempt.
  • Christmas Poinsettia - Here is a simple Quilled Christmas Poinsettia project. This is a classic that is perfect to add a string and make an ornament to hang on your tree!

  • These patterns use a variety of techniques and shapes and are fun to try:

    • Hot Air Balloon - Shows you how to use the fill-in technique to create a Hot Air Balloon
    • Wedding Cake - Uses fringed flower and alternate side looping techniques to create some really beautiful flowers that adorn a wedding cake. Suitable for a Wedding Card or as an embellishment on your scrapbook page.
    • Butterfly - This is an intermediate pattern that uses only the basic shapes.
    • Flowers of Love - This pattern uses S-scrolls to make a heart and accents this with white coil hearts. Lots of love for all of your Valentine's and Anniversary needs. This pattern was published in the Accord Quilling Calendar!
    • Lovey Dovey Birdhouse - This is a birdhouse pattern - very bright and springy.
    • Palm Tree and Sunshine - This is a very simple Palm Tree design. Perfect for that summer scrapbook page or a touch of humor for Christmas with Santa hanging out at the beach.
    • New Home Magnet - This is a great idea for a house warming gift.
    • Butterfly and Dogwoods - This is a perfect combination, a Spreuer Butterfly perched on a beautiful picture of a Pink Dogwood. This includes instructions and a link to the actual photograph so you can make the entire project on your own!
    • Easter Cross - This is a Spreuer Cross using the Patriarchal Cross design. It is augmented with delicate roses. Perfect design for Baptism, Weddings, Communions, Confirmations, Sympathy, or any religious gift or event.
    • Wedding Dress - A beautiful pattern of a Wedding Dress that is suitable for a scrapbook page, bridal shower, or wedding card. This pattern was published in the Accord Quilling Calendar!
    • Flower Girl Dress - This is a quick and easy pattern and can be used for a Flower Girl, Communion, Baptism, you name it. Just change the color and you can have any type of little girl event! This pattern was published in the Accord Quilling Calendar!
    • Red, White, and Blue Ladybug - Quick little ladybug for you to try. Remember, part of the fun is to play with the colors and make quilling truly your own. Here is the lady bug on a Sunburst flower too.
    • Pink Flamingo - this sweetie is made with roses and she is ready to fly away.
    • Happy Song Birds - this is a happy couple on a crackle painted background. The birds are perched on a branch enjoying the beautiful day.
    • Trellis with Yellow Flowers - Have you ever wanted to make a trellis and have flowers growing on the trellis, here is a simple pattern for you to try.
    • Flower Power Girl - This is a happy pattern inspired by my friend Toni, she literally leaps off the page.
    3D Quilling Patterns:

    • Spinning Top - This is made completely out of paper, including the spinning stick! Great idea for the kids.
    • Patriotic Spinning Top - Who knew a toothpick could be so useful. For tons of fun, try out this spinning top.

    Some Special Card Patterns:

    More Patterns and Techniques:
    Click here for my special December Days of Quilling series. I have several winter patterns that are fun and easy to make.

    Click here for Spreuer Free Patterns.

    Want to make ATCs (Artist Trading Cards)? Click here for a tutorial.

    Please send me a comment on this post or email me with any specific patterns you would like to see. There is a really good chance that I have the pattern or can make one for you.

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    Quilling Instructions - Shapes

    Want to learn more about quilling? This is the place to be.

    Please find the following list of instructions for how to make the Quilled Shapes. I am continually adding information and instructions, so please check back for updates. With each set of instructions, you will find a detailed description of how you make the shapes as well as a picture that you can download to show you what each shape looks like:

    Please comment on this post or send me an email with suggestions of what additional topics you would like me to add.

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    Copyright Antonella DeFalco

    Quilling Basics - Getting Started

    Quilling, or Paper Filigree, is an ancient art form that some say dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Today we use a variety of papers in varying lengths and widths to create our quilled masterpieces. Quilling involves taking strips of paper and twirling, rolling, shaping, and gluing them together. The name Quilling is derived from the name of the tool that the 16th century nuns used to create their shapes.

    Information about Quilling can be found here:
    Quilling as an art from or craft has a very low cost startup. The basic tools are generally things that you have around the house or they do not cost a lot of money to purchase. Most people can get started for less than $25. Information about what you need to get started can be found here:
    I hope that you enjoy this site, please either comment on this post or send me an email with information about what you would like to see on this site.

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    Copyright Antonella DeFalco

    Thursday, September 14, 2006

    NAQG - North American Quilling Guild

    I am a proud member of the North American Quilling Guild (NAQG).

    What, you may ask is the NAQG? This is a group of dedicated people whose stated mission is to "to promote the lovely art of quilling and ensure that it is passed on to future generations"

    I thought that this was a wonderful thought. This aligns closely with my desire to bring quilling to as many people as possible, and most importantly to make it accessible and help to make people feel like they can do this thing called Quilling.

    For me, these are the things that make membership something that I truly enjoy... One of my favorite things about being involved with the NAQG is their quarterly newsletters. I love seeing quilling, and their newsletter is chock full of pictures and articles... They also have an Archive of their previous newsletters, so if you are a new member you can still see what they posted in the past. Their website also has free patterns in the members area... it is fun to look at other patterns and be inspired.

    A disclaimer, I am sharing information about the NAQG because I have enjoyed being a part of this community and I love their Newsletters. Sometime I hope to be able to attend one of their annual meetings. There is a small annual membership fee, you will need to check their site for current fees. They really try to keep the fees low, I paid $25 for my current membership. I understand that even this amount may be too much for some of you. That is fine... I just wanted to share them with you.

    As I have said before, all the quillers that I have met are very kind, caring individuals who willingly share what they have with everyone who is interested. The NAQG is one resource out there for you to use. It is by no means the only resource, most importantly, there are many free resources and groups out there so I encourage you to seek them out. Periodically, I will post about some of the groups and sites I have found along the way... please let me know of any you are aware of. :-)

    Copyright Antonella DeFalco

    Wednesday, September 13, 2006

    Quilling and Scrapbooking

    free quilling pattern scrapbook scrapbooking frog grandmother grandma fringed flowers
    Originally uploaded by AntonellaD.

    Many of you have asked about adding quilling to scrapbook pages. This is an example of a scrapbook page that I did for "grandma" - it features a beautiful poem I found on the internet (sorry don't know the author) and quilled elements added to page.

    I combined items that Grandma loves like the flowers and butterflies with elements that my son loves like the frog and fishies. So, yes, most of you don't have flying fish, but we do in our imaginations (smile).

    You can find more of my pictures on my personal Flickr account.

    Monday, September 11, 2006

    Remembering 9/11

    Today is a sad day, it is the 5th Anniversary of the bombing of the World Trade Center. I could not let the day pass without posting some of my remembrances of that day.

    Like so many people, I was at work when I first found out. In this day of the cell phone, it was my husband who first called to let me know what had happened. He called me while I was in a meeting, and since he never calls my cell unless it is important, I took the call. I could not comprehend the fact that a plane had flown into one of the World Trade Center buildings. The initial reports speculated about what happened. Of course, at that time we did not know that so many more attrocities were to happen that day.

    There are so many other stories like ours. Stories where people were late getting into work that day. Some act of providence that prevented this from claiming even more lives. My husband was supposed to be in the city that day, and had his meeting not been canceled he too would have been in one of the buildings that came down that day.

    There were so many sad stories from that and so many families whose lives were changed forever. I was fortunate to have my family in tact, and for that I am grateful.

    May God Bless all those families who lost loved ones that day. Those brave souls on the United flight who gave the ultimate sacrifice to save others. And to all those souls lost to terrorism around the world.

    Sunday, September 10, 2006

    Artist Spotlight - Shari Beaubien Part II

    September Artist Spotlight: Shari Beaubien, Part II

    Yesterday we met artist Shari Beaubien and saw some more wonderful examples of her art, today I continue my article and we learn more about this talented artist, her support group, and what inspires her.

    Shari’s love for her husband Steve is evident in way she mentions him and describes him as her biggest supporter and one of the people who continue to give her the courage to pursue her dreams. How can she fail when she has the love and unwavering support of her husband, “he is my rock and the love of my life… he makes my spirit soar.”

    Speaking of inspiration, what is it that inspires? Inspiration is found all around, but it is those quiet moments that Shari treasures. Her favorite inspiration is in the “quiet of the early morning” because the “world is still, the air is cool, and nature is just beginning to stir.” These precious moments before the sun peaks over the horizon and the day begins are a treasure. Life is a challenge with no promises for the future, having the courage to work on her art is what makes Shari and other artists like her special. She follows her heart and takes steps every day to achieve her goals, every day her art gives her “heart a voice to sing.” Shari is blessed to have the support of a group of artist friends whose “creativity and insight make me want to better myself”. Some of the people who have had a great influence and have inspired her are Kristin Steiner, Teesha Moore, Karen Michel, Ann Baldwin, and Robert Burridge.

    If you read Shari’s blog, you will find her to be truly inspirational.
    She has a depth to her character and a wonderful way with words. Life has placed challenges in her path that she has bravely overcome. From her trip across country at 19, to the first piece of art that she sold, to the wonderful man she married who supports her dreams. She believes that you need to make goals and “take steps every day to lead you closer to your goals.” A final inspirational thought from
    ShariLook deep into your soul to find your passion. Be true and honest with yourself. And then do it. Make it happen.”

    On a personal note, I believe that life is meant to be enjoyed and that humor has a place in all our lives, so I asked Shari to share a funny story. Never afraid to take on a challenge, our intrepid artist once piloted an aircraft solo. Her flight instructor told her that any landing that you can walk away from is a good one. With her sense of humor on hold during the flight, Shari says that she did not immediately see the humor in his statement until she was safely on the ground. Her moment of solo flight was one that was “tremendously scary” and one that made her “tremendously proud”.

    I want to extend a special thanks to Shari for sharing so much of her life, hopes, dreams, and inspiration with us. May she find true success as she continues to follow her heart and pursue her art. If you want to reach Shari you can go to the website she designed herself, a task that she says was one of her greatest challenges. She also writes regularly in her blog.

    Shari truly finds inspiration all around her, when asked for her “tag-line or quote” she responded with “Life is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy the moments.” Please take this advice and don’t let life pass you by, try to take time to see the world around you and do more than just travel through life as an observer who goes to work every day. Become a participant in life and find time to be who you are meant to be and live the life you were meant to live.

    Artist Spotlight: Shari Beaubien Introduction, Part I, Part II

    Copyright Antonella DeFalco

    Saturday, September 09, 2006

    Artist Spotlight - Shari Beaubien Part I

    September Artist Spotlight: Shari Beaubien, Part I

    Our September artist is mixed media and altered art artist, Shari Beaubien. Shari is a beautiful person who sees beauty and is inspired by life and the world around her. Her life is truly inspiring and she has courageously followed the path that was in her heart. At the age of 19, Shari moved across country from Michigan to California. Against the wishes of her parents who forbade her to go, she ventured forth alone because as she says, “It is so important to be true to yourself. Life is too short for anything else.”

    Shari Beaubien

    Shari says that she has never regretted her decision to move across country to follow her dreams. Her greatest success was the day she sold her first piece of art to a complete stranger. She says that this was her “full circle moment” and confirmed for her that this is where she was meant to be. Her heart and skills brought her to art and gave her the courage to pursue her dreams.

    When asked about how she creates that “magic” that is her art, Shari responded that she is inspired by what she calls the “mundane.” She is typical of many artists who see beauty in the world around us. I love the way Shari describes how her work and the how world “sings” to her… She tries to be aware of the world around her and absorb as much of it as possible so that she can capture those details that ultimately inspire her. As she says she can be walking in the grocery store and see a color combination that she really likes, or she might catch part of a conversation that rings true, or she will see something in the clouds as they pass by. When she sees or hears something that “sings” to her, she grabs her ever present sketchbook and captures it by pencil sketching her ideas. This allows her to have something to start from when she begins a new piece.

    Shari says that she tries to work “fast and loose” her husband, Steve, lovingly calls it “messy”. This is the stage where the magic happens, where she spends her alone time and creates her art. This is where she tries to stay true to her original design while allowing herself the freedom to allow spontaneity to occur. Sometimes the end result is what she had envisioned and sometimes it is a total surprise. Whatever the result, Shari has the confidence in her work to know that what she has produced is something that her “heart needed to express”.

    Shari Beaubien

    Artist Spotlight: Shari Beaubien Introduction, Part I, Part II

    Friday, September 08, 2006

    Artist Spotlight - Shari Beaubien

    Artist Spotlight: Shari Beaubien
    Introduction, Part I, Part II

    You have heard the expression that “Art is in the eye of the beholder” this series of “Artist Spotlights” is my small way of giving back to those artists that make the world beautiful and interesting. I hope that you enjoy this series of interviews and the work that these truly talented individuals have graciously offered to the world. I consider art a gift that is bestowed by those courageous souls who place a piece of themselves for everyone to see, art is a form of magic that takes the ordinary and gives us something that touches our hearts. I hope you enjoy this Artist Spotlight series.

    For September, I have chosen to spotlight mixed-media and altered art artist Shari Beaubien. I know Shari through one of the groups I belong to and ventured onto her website and blog and really loved her work. Shari has graciously given me permission to display some of her work on my blog, please do not copy or duplicate her work as she owns all copyrights.

    Tomorrow I will post part one of my article on Shari, as a sneak peak you can visit her website or her blog. This is one of my favorites from the pieces that she shared with me. I really love the rich, deep earthy tones and the soaring bird in this piece. Let your imagination soar and your inspiration grow.

    Artist Spotlight: Shari Beaubien Introduction, Part I, Part II

    Copyright Antonella DeFalco


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