Sunday, September 10, 2006

Artist Spotlight - Shari Beaubien Part II

September Artist Spotlight: Shari Beaubien, Part II

Yesterday we met artist Shari Beaubien and saw some more wonderful examples of her art, today I continue my article and we learn more about this talented artist, her support group, and what inspires her.

Shari’s love for her husband Steve is evident in way she mentions him and describes him as her biggest supporter and one of the people who continue to give her the courage to pursue her dreams. How can she fail when she has the love and unwavering support of her husband, “he is my rock and the love of my life… he makes my spirit soar.”

Speaking of inspiration, what is it that inspires? Inspiration is found all around, but it is those quiet moments that Shari treasures. Her favorite inspiration is in the “quiet of the early morning” because the “world is still, the air is cool, and nature is just beginning to stir.” These precious moments before the sun peaks over the horizon and the day begins are a treasure. Life is a challenge with no promises for the future, having the courage to work on her art is what makes Shari and other artists like her special. She follows her heart and takes steps every day to achieve her goals, every day her art gives her “heart a voice to sing.” Shari is blessed to have the support of a group of artist friends whose “creativity and insight make me want to better myself”. Some of the people who have had a great influence and have inspired her are Kristin Steiner, Teesha Moore, Karen Michel, Ann Baldwin, and Robert Burridge.

If you read Shari’s blog, you will find her to be truly inspirational.
She has a depth to her character and a wonderful way with words. Life has placed challenges in her path that she has bravely overcome. From her trip across country at 19, to the first piece of art that she sold, to the wonderful man she married who supports her dreams. She believes that you need to make goals and “take steps every day to lead you closer to your goals.” A final inspirational thought from
ShariLook deep into your soul to find your passion. Be true and honest with yourself. And then do it. Make it happen.”

On a personal note, I believe that life is meant to be enjoyed and that humor has a place in all our lives, so I asked Shari to share a funny story. Never afraid to take on a challenge, our intrepid artist once piloted an aircraft solo. Her flight instructor told her that any landing that you can walk away from is a good one. With her sense of humor on hold during the flight, Shari says that she did not immediately see the humor in his statement until she was safely on the ground. Her moment of solo flight was one that was “tremendously scary” and one that made her “tremendously proud”.

I want to extend a special thanks to Shari for sharing so much of her life, hopes, dreams, and inspiration with us. May she find true success as she continues to follow her heart and pursue her art. If you want to reach Shari you can go to the website she designed herself, a task that she says was one of her greatest challenges. She also writes regularly in her blog.

Shari truly finds inspiration all around her, when asked for her “tag-line or quote” she responded with “Life is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy the moments.” Please take this advice and don’t let life pass you by, try to take time to see the world around you and do more than just travel through life as an observer who goes to work every day. Become a participant in life and find time to be who you are meant to be and live the life you were meant to live.

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