Sunday, September 17, 2006

Free Quilling Patterns

I have been adding Free Quilling Patterns to this site so that everyone can see how easy quilling is. These patterns are free for personal use. You can use them in any non-commercial way. You may not represent these patterns as your own nor sell them commercially. If you would like to use these patterns or sell them, please contact me and we can discuss your specific details.

Please click to learn the basics of quilling and to learn to make the quilled shapes.

Beginner Patterns (these patterns use only the basic coil and spiral shapes):

  • 7 Petal Daisy - This is your basic Daisy pattern, quick and easy. A classic quilled design.
  • 4 Daisy Patterns - In this post, I provide photo and instructions for 4 basic daisy patterns.
  • Daisy Pattern - yet another daisy pattern. This one is shown on a card to demonstrate how you can combine quilling with card making.
  • Turkey Pattern - this uses simple techniques, but was something new for me. A bit of an abstract attempt.
  • Christmas Poinsettia - Here is a simple Quilled Christmas Poinsettia project. This is a classic that is perfect to add a string and make an ornament to hang on your tree!

  • These patterns use a variety of techniques and shapes and are fun to try:

    • Hot Air Balloon - Shows you how to use the fill-in technique to create a Hot Air Balloon
    • Wedding Cake - Uses fringed flower and alternate side looping techniques to create some really beautiful flowers that adorn a wedding cake. Suitable for a Wedding Card or as an embellishment on your scrapbook page.
    • Butterfly - This is an intermediate pattern that uses only the basic shapes.
    • Flowers of Love - This pattern uses S-scrolls to make a heart and accents this with white coil hearts. Lots of love for all of your Valentine's and Anniversary needs. This pattern was published in the Accord Quilling Calendar!
    • Lovey Dovey Birdhouse - This is a birdhouse pattern - very bright and springy.
    • Palm Tree and Sunshine - This is a very simple Palm Tree design. Perfect for that summer scrapbook page or a touch of humor for Christmas with Santa hanging out at the beach.
    • New Home Magnet - This is a great idea for a house warming gift.
    • Butterfly and Dogwoods - This is a perfect combination, a Spreuer Butterfly perched on a beautiful picture of a Pink Dogwood. This includes instructions and a link to the actual photograph so you can make the entire project on your own!
    • Easter Cross - This is a Spreuer Cross using the Patriarchal Cross design. It is augmented with delicate roses. Perfect design for Baptism, Weddings, Communions, Confirmations, Sympathy, or any religious gift or event.
    • Wedding Dress - A beautiful pattern of a Wedding Dress that is suitable for a scrapbook page, bridal shower, or wedding card. This pattern was published in the Accord Quilling Calendar!
    • Flower Girl Dress - This is a quick and easy pattern and can be used for a Flower Girl, Communion, Baptism, you name it. Just change the color and you can have any type of little girl event! This pattern was published in the Accord Quilling Calendar!
    • Red, White, and Blue Ladybug - Quick little ladybug for you to try. Remember, part of the fun is to play with the colors and make quilling truly your own. Here is the lady bug on a Sunburst flower too.
    • Pink Flamingo - this sweetie is made with roses and she is ready to fly away.
    • Happy Song Birds - this is a happy couple on a crackle painted background. The birds are perched on a branch enjoying the beautiful day.
    • Trellis with Yellow Flowers - Have you ever wanted to make a trellis and have flowers growing on the trellis, here is a simple pattern for you to try.
    • Flower Power Girl - This is a happy pattern inspired by my friend Toni, she literally leaps off the page.
    3D Quilling Patterns:

    • Spinning Top - This is made completely out of paper, including the spinning stick! Great idea for the kids.
    • Patriotic Spinning Top - Who knew a toothpick could be so useful. For tons of fun, try out this spinning top.

    Some Special Card Patterns:

    More Patterns and Techniques:
    Click here for my special December Days of Quilling series. I have several winter patterns that are fun and easy to make.

    Click here for Spreuer Free Patterns.

    Want to make ATCs (Artist Trading Cards)? Click here for a tutorial.

    Please send me a comment on this post or email me with any specific patterns you would like to see. There is a really good chance that I have the pattern or can make one for you.

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    Copyright for Personal Use Antonella DeFalco


    mei mei chuchu said...

    wow! U are surely good at it! Do you have a butterfly one?

    Antonella said...

    Yes I do have a butterfly one, here is the link:

    Anonymous said...

    I love your quilling patterns. they are great. I just started quilling. I am going to be doing 3 framed baby name,weigh, date for my sister in law. thanks for the inspirations.

    Anonymous said...

    Do you have a santa one?

    Anonymous said...

    I really like all your Christmas ones!

    Kristie said...

    Antonella, I have no idea who you are,but I feel like we would be great friends if I did. Your generosity in sharing your wonderful talent is such a blessing to me. I teach summer camps in my home/backyard to help pay off our student loans and this is my second year doing this. I did an arts and crafts session last summer and this summer, thankfully, have some repeat "campers". I loved the whole arts and crafts week but knew I needed to do some things that were different from last year, I just know this will be a massive hit and I am so thankful for the patterns you provided. You are wonderful! Thank you so much!

    Anonymous said...

    I think that your site is wonderful. you make it so welcoming and relxing to browse through and this is the first quilling site i have been to where i don't feel like i am being scammed to buy something. It is very generous of you to share your patterns and knowledge with us. I will definately become a regular on this site as i try harder patterns.
    Thank you - Jacqui

    Anonymous said...

    Do you have a free pattern posted on your site for making quilled roses?


    Anonymous said...

    Hello i loved ur site
    Can i get a doll measurements 3d

    Anonymous said...

    I am new to quilling but i did try lot of new patterns and designs.. happened to stop by your blog and the designs you have shared are just so wonderful.. I would surly try out these patterns.. just loved your work.. keep on posting new desings..

    Thanks a lot for sharing your ideas and patterns.. Do check out my work on quilling and comment me on how is it.. Plz do suggest if any improvements needs to be done..


    curioscat said...

    Hi: Found your site while looking for butterfly patterns and want to tell you how beautiful your work is.Do you, by any chance, have a pattern for a lilac bunch?

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful work and the patterns too.
    Camille Thomson
    Canadian Quiller

    mawmawpurple said...

    I really enjoyed your site and wanted to say thanks for sharing your work. Betty Causey

    Antonella said...

    Always a pleasure to have people enjoy something that I have offered. Many Hugs! Antonella :-)

    Anonymous said...

    Hi! I'm in 8th grade and we just started quilling at my craft class in school. But we only really had one pattern! So I went online and found your blog! Thanks so much for posting all these great patterns! They're so pretty but most of them are easy too!

    Antonella said...

    You are so welcome, Anonymous 8th grader. It is always so nice to see quilling being taught is schools. I am glad that you have found my site helpful. Would love to see what you and your classmates make.
    Hugs, antonella :-)

    Anonymous said...

    hi i am 11 years old and was introduced to quilling in a 4-h program in my town. i love your site but would like to get some more diffucult elegant designs. if you could give me a link or another website that would be great thank you!

    Anonymous said...

    I love your ideas.
    I am new to quilling and just want to check that when you mention a length is that the final size or the length of the paper used?

    Antonella said...

    Hello Anonymous,
    Thanks for your question. When I mention a length, I refer to the length of the paper. Sometimes I will take a photo with something next to the finished item to give you perspective of the size of the object.
    Hope this helps!
    antonella :-)

    Unknown said...

    Hi Am making a memory box for x'mas gift and hope you know where I can find patterns for animals like a turtle,koala or penquine

    patchy said...

    hi, thanks for sharing your fab patterns, just started quilling a few months now and will try your patterns, thank you.

    Nancy @ Everyone An Artist said...

    What a wonderful blog! I enjoy your patterns and ideas very much.

    I wondered how you would make a staw bonnet, kind if 3-D with a ribbon around the crown, and ribbons streaming down the back. I am making a shadow box, and I want to put 6 or 7 quilled straw hats with ribbons on a clothes line across the shadow box, but I haven't been happy with the little hats I have made so far.

    Thank you for your help!

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