Monday, October 27, 2008

November Quilling Patterns

Welcome to the November 2008 Accord Quilling Calendar Pattern Listing

I am providing you a list of all the patterns and the name of the artist who graciously allowed Accord to print them.

November 2008 Accord Calendar Projects

1/2 - Button Mushrooms (Artist: Holly Miller)
3 - Apples (Artist: Stephanie Lucy Djunaedi)
4 - Mushroom and Peas (Artist: Cathy Schlim)
5 - Pumpkin and Harvest Corn (Artist: Constance Godleski)
6 - Grapes (Artist: Constance Godleski)
7 - Flowers (Artist: Patricia Caputo,
8/9 - Pumpkin (Artist: Gerry Stafford)
10 - Porchino Mushroom (Artist: Gerry Stafford)
11 - Pomegranate (Artist: Stephanie Lucy Djunaedi)
12 - Pineapple (Artist: Stephanie Lucy Djunaedi)
13 - Cherries (Artist: Stephanie Lucy Djunaedi
14 - Grapefruit (Artist: Stephanie Lucy Djunaedi)
15/16 - Quill and Ink Inspiration Piece (Artist: Sherry Rodehaver,
17 - Feather (Artist: Sheryl Scott,
18 - Native Headdress (Artist: Sheryl Scott,
19 - Pilgrim Hat (Artist: Cathy Schlim)
20 - Turkey (Artist: Constance Godleski)
21 - Grapevine (Artist: Jane Cleveland)
22/23 - Cornucopia (Artist: Licia Politis)
24 - Gingerbread Man (Artist: Patricia Caputo,
25 - Present (Artist: Debbie Martinez)
26 - Christmas Swag (Artist: Fredricka Whitman)
27 - Candle with Holly (Artist: Patricia Caputo,
28 - Holly Leaves (Artist: Cathy Schlim)
29/30 - Licorice Allsorts (Artist: Licia Politis)


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-P said...

Hi Antonella, I just stumbled on your blog while surfing the net and looking for quilling. I have never done quilling before now and the basic shapes tutorial look great. Thanks for those. I am definitely going to try my hand at quilling this weekend!

Antonella said...

So glad you have been inspired to try! Can't wait to see some of your work. Hugs! :-)


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