Monday, June 28, 2010

Graduation Owl Card

Isn't this a really fun card? I had so much fun making it, and can honestly say that I am super proud of what I have created!  The owl is partly inspiration from the wonderful selection of cards out there and a large part from my own imagination and ingenuity.

We are going to a graduation party and I wanted to create something special.  When my husband likes a card that I have made, then I know I have created a good one, and he liked this one (usually what I make is "too girly" for him).  As many things do these days, I began my quest for inspiration and ideas by doing a google search on graduation owl cards... I absolutely love google, don't you :-)

As is the case many times when doing a search, I got completely lost in the search.  Yes, I sometimes strayed from the quest, but eventually I had to call the search quits.  I found so many cards that I liked, but the one that was my inspiration is this card by Sharon Caudle from Gramma's House of Cards, check out Sharon's blog, because she is very talented. 

I know what you are thinking, it is an owl, how different can they all be and how did this inspire the owl I created? Yes, most owls do look the same.  They all have a basically rounded face and short round body.  Some are punched or die cut and many others were stamped.  All this is true.  So what was it that inspired me? I really liked the way the die that she used allowed her to layer her owl.  If you look at the accent paper that she used for the belly and face area it really stands out.

Now, as you may have guessed by the differences with our cards, I don't have an owl punch or die cut... did that let stop me? Of course not, just I had to shake out my brain and get a bit creative. So armed with nothing more than my circle punches and scissors,  I got started.  Oh, and don't forget rummaging through the stash of papers that I have too.  I am convinced that the paper stash is secretly happy when I go rummaging through them because they are tired of sitting around looking pretty and not being used - lol.

If you are interested in the instructions for making this fella, click here for the complete set of instructions.  Due to the number of pictures that I used and the somewhat complex set of instructions I felt it was easier to post them there than here.

I hope you enjoy this card and have a wonderful day!

Copyright for Personal Use Antonella DeFalco


Sharon Caudle said...

Hi Antonella!! Your owl card is FANTASTIC!!! I love the papers and patterns and you are VERY creative! I totally and completely love it!! Thanks so much for the shout out! :)

nadornia said...

Hola Antonella, muchas gracias por compartir tantas cosas lindas, adoro su blog.

SUGANTHI said...

Its really adorable!

Ann said...

Very cute! I like how the owl is holding the diploma in his beak.

Antonella said...

Sharon, Nadornia, Suganthi, and Ann,

Thank you so very much... I really enjoyed this project...

Antonella :-)


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