Thursday, November 30, 2006

25 Quillings 'til Christmas

25 Quilled Crafts til Christmas

I decided to try something fun this year. With the Holidays approaching I wanted to attempt to do a "Craft a Day until Christmas," a bit like an online version of an Advent Calendar where each day we open a new craft or quilling tutorial.

This is a fun activity where there will be a bit of experimentation and lots to share. How this will work is that every day between now and Christmas, I will share with each of you a quilled craft or technique. Some of the items will be standalone quilled items and other will be what I call “adornment quilling”. Adornment quilling is when take an item such as a box, ornament, or paper item and we add quilling. The quilling truly enhances the item and embellishes the item. In my opinion, this is the essence of quilling. This is my favorite way to quill, so I think you will see a lot of it over the next few weeks.

This will be a very challenging few weeks for me, since I don’t yet know what I will be crafting. I hope that my creativity finds the time to construct that which is in my mind’s eye. These are my initial thoughts about the types of projects that we will see over the next few weeks:

  • A birdhouse or two because I love them
  • Perhaps a few days of different trees and wreaths
  • I have some paper that I purchased for Christmas and weddings that has a gilded edge that I will have to incorporate in a few of the projects
  • I know that some of the projects will have fringed flowers, so I will be certain to share the instructions for how to make them with you
  • I have always wanted to try a technique called Spreuer, so I am thinking of sharing the instructions for how to do it and perhaps make an angel and a cross
  • Perhaps I will also share an origami reindeer that I made last year?
  • I am fascinated with colors, so we will have some red trees, perhaps a black and white design
  • Oh, one last thing, I have been dreaming of a white Christmas so don’t be surprised if some of the items are white with a splash of color,

Oh boy, I just cannot wait to get started! Let's have some fun!

Important note: Each day I will provide the instructions for the specific quilled item. These items will remain posted until after the holidays, at that time, I may take some of the daily quilled crafts and remove the instructions.

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