Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Free 3D Quilling Pattern Spinning Top

quilled 3d spinning top

Do you remember those Spinning Tops from when you were a child? They are a perrenial favorite. I can attest to this based on the fact that after I completed my current project the spinning top was quickly taken away. Unfortunately, somehow it has managed to get lost, but I am hopeful that it will show up soon. Luckily, they are not difficult to make so I can always make another one!

Several of my quilling friends have made these spinning tops in the past and the following is my interpretation. I have elected to use 6 full-length strips to make the spinning top that you see here (I have included a quarter in the picture for reference to the size). Note: you can use as many or as few strips as you would like. The fewer strips the smaller the spinning top.

quilled 3d spinning top
quilled 3d spinning top To make the base:

Take 6 strips, glued end-to-end, and roll a tight roll
Gently push the center out, creating a cup-like shape
Glue the inside to maintain the shape
Tip: You do not need to glue all 6 strips together at the same time. It is easier to glue them as you approach the end of your current strip.

One more tip: If you notice the basic shape of the base, you will see that it could easily become a skirt for a doll, or if you place 2 together you can make an egg-like shape... hmmm, think Easter!

Make a Spinning Stick (now, I do not know if this is the "official" name for this, but I didn't know what else to call it):
Take a 3 inch ( cm) square and cut it in half at an angle creating 2 triangles
Take one triangle and roll it to create the stick-shape

quilled 3d spinning top
quilled 3d spinning top

To complete the top:
Place one end of the stick in the base of the top
Do this to position where you want to begin creating the top
Use the same number of strips as for the base
Continue to roll until you create a tight coil top
Glue the top to the base
Take a strip of paper and glue it around the seam of the top and bottom
Go around once or twice

Once everything is dry... spin your top!

Happy Spinning!
Copyright Antonella DeFalco

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