Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th of July and a Giveaway!

I wanted to take this opportunity to say a special Thank You to all those serving in the armed forces.  I hope that you are well and may you come home safely.

In honor of those who serve, I am offering this little beauty to one you lucky folks who comment on this heart.

Some background on this piece... I am very intrigued by the work of Yulia Brodskaya and decided to play around a little.  I actually started with a birthday cake that I will share with you on another day, but I am going to share with you today my Red, White, and Blue Heart in honor of Independence Day!

Note that all these pictures are of the same heart... I simply placed it on different backgrounds :-)

I went old school with this project, I pulled out my heart stencils and cut 3 hearts in increasing sizes. You guessed it the hearts are red, white and blue (I know, sometimes that creativity is scary - lol)... I glued them together and then started to add my paper pieces.  I hesitate to call this quilling exactly, but it is definitely paper filigree work...

I hope that you enjoy this heart and this inspires you to try something new today too :-)

I would like to offer this quilled heart - on your choice of background - to someone who posts a comment on this post.  I will leave this giveaway open until the end of July.  I will announce the winner on July 31st.

For your chance to win, you can do one or all of the following for 3 chances to win:
  1. Post a comment on this post and let me know what background you like the best
  2. Become a Follower of this blog and post a comment - if you are already a follower, then post a comment and let me know you are already a follower.
  3. Write a post on your blog about this giveaway and post a comment with the link to your post.
Remember, to win you must post a comment on this post, don't forget about your other chances to win too!
Antonella DeFalco


Charlotte said...

Antonella, what a beautiful piece of modern quilling! I really like the fluidity of the paper curls.

I also like the new background theme for your blog, and the adorable owl graduation card. You have indeed been busy lately.

I look forward to seeing what you create next.

Bronwyn said...

I like this it is unusual and i see the potential for it to be used in many different situations.


brenda said...

this looks very interesting would like to get this could use it for alot of different things thanks

SUGANTHI said...

I am your follower and I love your heart1!

Antonella said...

Charlotte, Bronwyn, Brenda, and Suganthi,

Thank you! I am glad that you liked this little heart.

Best of Luck!
antonella :-)

Jill said...

As usual your artwork is awesome. You inspire us all Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing. Jill Van Dieren

kkezir02 said...

Pretty cool!! I will have to show this to my girls (3 & 5). They are all about hearts. And my 5yr old like to try and quill with me. :)

Bronwyn said...

Lovely designs! Antonella

nadornia said...

Muy lindo Antonella.

Create With Joy said...

Dear Antonella,

I just discovered your beautiful blog and your artwork, quilling, tea bags, and tutorials are just fabulous! I love the first background (although they all look nice!) and appreciate the chance to win!


Create With Joy said...

I've added myself as a Follower to your blog and invite you to join my family of Kindred Spirits at Create With Joy as well!


Create With Joy said...

I have added your candy to my sidebar at Create With Joy.

I have also added a permanent link to your blog under the Crafting Smorgasbord link section of my blog as I think your site is a fabulous resource for my readers!


Unknown said...

Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

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Antonella said...

Thank you for everyone for participating! Your kind words are such an inspiration and make my heart sing!
Antonella :-)


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