Wednesday, December 24, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Rolled Paper Tree Embellishment

Super Quick and Easy Christmas Tree gift tag or ornament from your wrapping paper scraps from Antonella at

12 Days of Christmas - Day 12 - Rolled Paper Tree Embellishment

I hope that you have enjoyed the 12 Days of Christmas projects. Today is the final posting. I thought it fitting that we use up all those scraps of wrapping paper that I know you have lying around the house.

The quick version...

  • Collect your wrapping paper scraps (I know, you hated to throw it away anyway)
  • You can cut them into different lengths, or roll them longer and cut them down when you stack them
  • Tip: If you are impatient, use some of that tape that you cannot see and tape the rolled paper, it is really much quicker, lol
  • Glue them onto something that makes it look like a tree... I used a piece of scrapbook paper I had that looked like wood. My friend Ann, at made one that she posted earlier this month and used a Popsicle stick. She is on my bloglist, you should definitely pay her a visit.
  • Add some "ornaments," I added some sequins, for a little sparkle
Alternative ways to use this:

  • Punch a hole in the top and transform it into a gift tag. 
  • If you make it sturdy enough, you could turn it into an ornament
  • Use it to top your gift card holder

Wishing you and your family a Safe, Happy, and Healthy Christmas Eve!

Antonella Quilling Art


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