Monday, March 17, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Yikes! Tagged you say...

What is tagged you say? Well, my friend Toni, decided to pass on her good fortune and tagged me (gee thanks a bunch). Tagged means that I have to do the following things:

  • Share 7 things about myself (aren't you so lucky)
  • Annoy, I mean Tag 7 other people
  • Finally, send them a note so that they know they have been tagged (yes, otherwise how would they know)

OK, hold onto your hats, scarves, anything that could fly away because here it is 7 useless facts about me (try not to fall asleep too fast, or you could hit your head)! I think I'll try to David Letterman approach and count down to 1

7 - Believe it or Not.... I didn't eat McDonald's until I was in High School - my husband thinks this is so strange. He is probably right about that, but we always ate home cooked meals. My poor kids eat mostly home cooked meals, but they did eat McDonalds much younger than I did... I tell myself I would be more domestic if I had more time... it makes me feel better

6 - When I was in College, I had a poem printed in one of those Anthologies that offer to print your poem so that you will buy the book that they printed it in... The poem I wrote was about child abuse, I still have it along with many of the other poems that I had the foresight to put into a "book" that I have kept through the years. I wish I had kept all of them... Reminds me that I need to rescue them and start including them in my scrapbook pages

5 - I had to take one of those online training classes for work - this one was about harrassment, and I found out that now that I am over 40 I am considered a protected class. I guess all those stories about 40 being the new 30 doesn't mean so much when even the government considers you old.

4 - Brush with death.... I am one of those people who follows the rules, it may be because of the one time I didn't... It was summer time, I was about 6 years old, and I told my Aunt that my parents said I could play with the neighbor who had the really big german sheppard. Needless to say, there was a good reason they didn't want me playing in his yard. I don't remember the actual event, but the story goes the mother handed me over to my Mom and said the dog (remember the big german sheppard) had bitten me. Now this was an understatement. They put me in the car and drove me to the hospital with my Mom holding me. I knew it was bad when I can remember the doctor telling my mother that I was really lucky because I could have bled to death... I was bitten on my neck, just missed the artery. The other bites on my legs and feet were not as life threatening. I know that God was watching over me that day!

3 - I don't hate dogs, or any other animal! Yes, hard to believe after the last story but it is true. My sister and I pulled a fast one on our parents and we brought home a puppy. How could they refuse, puppies are so darn cute. Her name was Princess and she was a cute mutt. She got really sick when I was in high school and passed away when we were in school. My poor sister, Cathy, was the one who found her.

capilano suspension bridge
lions gate bridge

2 - I love this picture of the Capilano Suspension Bridge (in Vancouver Canada). This was such an awesome bridge. We lucked out, it was a beautiful day and there was not a lot of wind. Can't imagine crossing it in a high wind. The Lions Gate Bridge is my husband's favorite - couldn't go without mentioning his favorite :-) I hope to be able to go back one day... it is beautiful!

1 - I miss my Mom. She was the sweetest, person in the world. I can only hope to be the same kind of person she was - she is a tough act to follow. I use the expression "Love Unconditionally, Laugh Uncontrollably, and Live Unexpectedly Free!" as a reminder of all she was.

Wow! I guess that wasn't as painful as it could have been.... So, for the hard part, the lucky tagged people are: Pat, BrooklynMike, Catherine, MindPencilPaperArt.

I wanted to share a special link to a pattern just for Toni (I think she inspired this Happy Flower Power Girl! Thanks for being a great friend Toni.



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