Sunday, March 02, 2008

Pink Artist Squares Finished!!

quilling pink artist
Yeah!!! I finished my squares for Monica (Girl Gone Thread Wild)...

This was quite a challenge for me since I work with paper to put something that is my craft onto fabric, but Monica was very encouraging and here are the fruits of my labor :-) I have a friend at work who is facing a difficult time right now and I am praying that everything works out well for her. Tina, these squares are for you!

I titled them Love and Hope. I realized early on that I could not glue the quilling to the fabric or it would certainly fall off, so I made them more like charms on a pendant and I hung them that way! I also coated them with a product called "paper glaze" to give it a glass-like appearance.

quilling pink artist
If I had started earlier, I probably would have re-done the glitter...

but such is life... I promise to do better next time.

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girlgonethreadwild said...

Antonella, you poured your heart into these lil beauties, I happen to LOVE glitter so maybe you did that for ME. lol Love the denim also and of course the quilling is magnificent! I can't wait to see these in person... I will be sure to put it on our doll and wall art in a way so it won't crush the paper. Thanks for playing & going pink! Love & blessings to you for doing this for your friend... xo, Monica

Antonella said...

Monica - you are so welcome! You are the one who should be rewarded with accolades for taking on this project. Thank you for doing all the work and letting me be a small part in something that is so important! hugs, antonella :-)

Anonymous said...

Antonella, thank you for sharing your beautiful work. Your heart and soul obviously go into every creation.

I'm Toni said...

Great job on this! You are so giving!

And I hope you don't mind that I am TAGGING you!

Read the rules here on my blog,

Have fun with it!

Antonella said...

This was such an inspiring project. Thank you everyone for your kind words!
antonella :-)

Unknown said...

These are great. I think it's brilliant that you incorporated what you are obviously so talented at into these teeny little squares!

Antonella said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all your wonderful comments. Hugs, antonella :-)


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