Monday, September 22, 2014

Motivation Monday Thankful for Every Moment

Happy Fall! The weather is getting a bit cooler here and some of the trees started changing into their fall colors. I do love fall!

(sorry for the mixup, this was meant to be posted on Monday (yeah, you guessed that from the post title)... my fault, in order to schedule it, you have to "publish it" - sheepish grin)

I created this in two different colors, I chose the turquoise blue for myself because I love that color, and I like the way it pops off the brown, don't you? I recently made a quilled wedding invitation using browns and blues and that is what inspired these colors (I will share a picture of that project with you over the next few weeks).

The quote reads:
Thankful for every single moment that has passed and those yet to come!

So, after a long hiatus I return with this quote that I love. I framed it and it is now sitting on my mantle that is screaming for more fall and Halloween items... What does your mantle look like these days? Are you super on top of things and are already setup like my friend who started in August? Or are you like me, a bit overwhelmed with the new school year and thinking, hmmmm, I really need to do something about that? I'd love to hear your mantle story!

Click here to check out my Freebie Friday post where you can grab the free printable!

I hope you have a wonderful day!
Antonella Quilling Art



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