Friday, July 14, 2006

Free Quilling Pattern (sort of) - Love, laugh, Live Card

quilled card quilled greeting card quilling greeting card

Love Unconditionally, Laugh Uncontrollably, and Live Unexpectedly Free!

I am enjoying making this card, but I am also finding it a bit difficult. Today, July 15th, is the anniversary of my Mother's death. Today I miss her more than ever and wish she were here to see all of her grandchildren and how much they have grown.

The reason that I am calling this a "sort of" pattern is that I want you to be able to take what I show you and make something that is special to you. So take what you see and make it your own. Remember, everyone makes shapes that are little bit different in size. My quilling shapes turn out differently if I use a slotted tool or a needle tool or a T-pin or a straight pin. So please keep that in mind when you are making your design.

I like to dry-fit my designs before I glue them down. What this means is that I take my pieces and lay them where I think they look best without glueing them into place. This is what I have done in this picture. This gives me an idea of what it will look like and allows me to make adjustments. It gives me the confidence that I like the way it looks. The disadvantage is that if you really like the way it looks, it will look different after you have glued the pieces down. You will notice some of the spaces between the S-Scrolls, when I finish the project they would be closer together.

For each of the 1.5 in (3.8cm) hearts I have made approximately 12 - 2 in (5.1 cm) S-Scrolls. Yes, this pattern takes a lot of quilled shapes.

I have a tip for you. Beads and quilling go very well together. You will notice that I added a little pearl bead to my center heart. That little bit of shimmer really adds to the overall effect. I add beads to much of the work that I do. In my final piece, I will add more beads.

I am going to add a picture onto the scalloped circle, and although I said that I would post the final design here today, I have not decided which design element to add to augment the photo. For the moment, this is the card. Maybe after my mini-meet today I will post the final composition.

Please have fun and play with your shapes. For me, I love the way S-Scrolls (and C-Scrolls) frame a design and beads can add a finishing touch. You really can start quilling and make some really beautiful things by simply using these basic coil and spiral shapes.

Simple, yet elegant, that is quilling to me.

Copyright Antonella DeFalco



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