Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wow! Wonderful Gifts

I am just beside myself with happiness! I have been so fortunate to receive both of my One World, One Heart gifts.

A special thanks to Sherry and Latharia for their special gifts.
Sherry, Esprit d'Art , she sent me her Heart of the Soul collage. She is so beautiful, I wish I could do more than share a picture. I couldn't wait to open her up and meet her. She will have a special place in my work room so that she can inspire me. There is a quote that I really love to read "People will love you for the honesty within your soul" what a beautiful thought. She will inspire me to think positive happy thoughts!

Latharia, Loquacity of Latharia, gave me a bunch of goodies as my special secret prize. She sent me clear alphabet stamps, a mini scrapbook, gel pens, maple leaf brads (perfect for a fall layout I am thinking of), and some holiday stickers. I am so excited.

This has been such a fun and wonderful experience.

Many Thanks,
Antonella :-)


Sherry said...

Antonella, she looks simply delightful on your blog!!! It's such a strange feeling to see something that you thought of, you created and lived with for awhile -- photographed on your own blog -- and then see it on someone else's!! But I know she's in a good home and I trust that she will inspire you. She needs a name though -- and that is for you to decide!!

Too funny that I was just coming to your blog to see what was new and see if "she" had arrived and I read your email first.

Antonella said...

I have given this lots of thought.... I will call her Serenity :-)
antonella :-)


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