Monday, January 24, 2011

Free Quilled Angel Pattern

Oh my, are you ready for this? A free quilling pattern!!! Yeah!!!

I know, there has been a real dry spell hasn't there? Well, this pattern is one of my favorites.  I love making Angels and this little sweetie is really special.  I hope you enjoy giving her a twirl.

This angel is made using the Spreuer technique (some people refer to the tool as an Onion Holder)
Follow this link to my previous instructions on the Spreuer Technique

I call her My Silvery Angel


  • 2 strips of paper, grape roll (this is a shaped tight roll)
  • Shape the tight roll by gently pushing center up
  • Don't forget her Halo - no self respecting Angel would be found without one :-)
  • The halo is just a scrap - I wrapped it around my thumb to get the shape and then glued it to the back of her head to keep it in place
  • I also created a tight roll with an open center and glued it to her head, this is where you will attach the hanger

Wings (Make 2 of these, refer to photo with numbers)

  • Start at 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 5 - 4 - 3
  • Yes this is not a typo, I skipped 6
  • I found that it makes a more realistic wing that way (at least to me)

Body (Only make 1 of these)
  • The body is a little longer than the wing to give it proportion
  • This is another one of my non-traditional Angel bodies
  • Her dress is all the same length
  • Start at 11 in the center
  • Go 11 - 11L - 11R - 11L - 11R
Note that this is a little tricky to get that triangle shape for her dress.  As you wrap your quilling paper around you will need to play with the dress a bit to make sure that the strips don't overlap too much.

The rest is all the fun stuff that adds a bit of bling and personality to the project

Her hands are holding a little red spiral rose (I know hard to tell with the picture because I put a drop of crystal effects in the center and took the picture before it had dried clear)
Her hands are two 8 in Shaped Teardrops

For the spiral rose check out this tutorial that I created a while back.

For the necklace, a scrap strip of Green (maybe about 4 inches) made in the Spiral shape and then wrapped around her neck (this covers the seam where the head and dress attach and also adds a bit more strength to this area)

I used the crystal effects to lightly paint the angel and lightly glittered her

This ornament was attached to a beautiful red card (can't take credit for it, it was in a $1 pack at Michaels)

I hope you like her.

Enjoy! Copyright for Personal Use Antonella DeFalco


nadornia said...

Lindo el angel, muchas gracias por el excelente tutorial, no tenia ni idea de como hacerlo.
Eres un amor. :)

Sherman Unkefer said...

Very beautiful angel pattern!

Charlotte said...

Antonella -- the little angel is just darling! Love the added necklace.

Lin said...

I love quilling angels and this one is very beautiful. I like to think I have one looking over me all the time. I do a lot of rolling with fingers the way my mom did when growing up over 50 years ago she rolled papers. So quilling I just love it. Especially angels.
Thanks for sharing

Peggy said...

Hello Antonella, "Becca at is Sharing the Comment Wealth and I picked you". Your work is exceptional. I love it. You are so generious to share your patterns. I have never done quilling but I just might give it a try. I am so glad I found your blog. I have added your site to my favorites.
{Hugs} Peggy M
Stampnmore at aol dot com

Michelle said...

Hi Antonella

Your angel is amazing!! You are so clever! Excellent tutorial too.

Thank you for linking up to Make It Monday this week.

Michelle :-)

Elizabeth said...

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cancer in December 2010. She is a wonderful 39 year old
young mother with three children. Hunter 11, Will & Nate 5.
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Antonella said...

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
You are all so sweet, I am so grateful for all your beautiful comments.
Hugs, antonella :-)

Unknown said...

Beautiful work! Becca at is Sharing the Comment Wealth and I picked you. So glad that I found you!!

barbie_love said...

Wow what a wonderful project
Becca at is sharing the comment wealth and I picked you but lucking me you are very talented!!!

Picture This said...

This is beautiful! I am just getting into quilling and this looks like a fun project to try....

“Becca at is Sharing the Comment Wealth and I picked you”


Antonella said...

I am so loving the "share the comment wealth" from Becca's Amazing Paper Grace blog.... this is so much fun and so very heartwarming to get new visitors.
Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments!
Hugs, antonella :-)

jknapp00 said...

Becca at is Sharing the Comment Wealth and I picked you! And I am so happy to have found your blog...I have dabbled in quilling a little and your angel is so pretty. Off to look around some more.

Barbara Jay said...

Becca at Amazing Paper Grace is Sharing the Comment Wealth and I picked you. I have done quilling and l love your angel . Your work is lovely!

Antonella said...

Thank you again to Barbara Jay and jknapp00 - your sweet words bring joy to my heart.

Hugs, antonella :-)

Clare said...

beautiful angel, love the design!

Gene and Charli said...

Thanks so much for posting your take on this pattern.

The great thing with this pattern is that it is not hard to make it your own. You can do it by changing the colors, adding things to it (IE larger halo, hair, face, beads, pearls, jewels (my favorite is to add Christmas icicles to it to give it more flow), quilling on it, etc. These also very versatile and can be cued for so many things. Because you can make them in different sizes they can be used as ornaments, on cards, scrapbook pages, I've even made male angels and a family of angels (Mom, Dad, and 5 "kid" angels of different sizes) for a couple who had kids and were getting married to put on their Christmas tree that year.

jonathanjamg said...

Amazing and beautiful but one question:
What kind of paper did you use?


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