Thursday, July 12, 2007

Quilling Shape - Grape Roll

The Grape Roll is based on the Tight Coil/Tight Roll/Peg shape.

I will repeat those instructions here briefly, select the link above if you require more information.

  • Take the quilling strip and begin rolling it, keeping the paper tight and a nice even tension.

  • Keep the edges straight so that a belly or tornado effect is not created.

  • Carefully pull the paper off the tool and glue the end. Keeping the tight shape.

  • After the glue has dried, gently push the center of the coil outward.

  • Refer to the picture for reference.

  • Various items can be used to push the center out. A pencil, pen cap, your fingers. The key is to keep the shape as even as possible.
Here is a link to the Free Shape Instructions that I have posted.
Here is a link to the Free Quilling Patterns that I have posted.



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