Thursday, October 10, 2013

Walkabout Everything Sharpie Pinspiration Crafts, Art, and Truly Inspired

Can you tell how much I LOVE my Walkabout series? It is so much fun to visit with all these talented friends!  Today is Everything Sharpie! A Pinspiration visit to showcase Sharpie Crafts, Art, and Truly Inspired projects!

Do you love your sharpies? Won't leave home without them? Admit it, they are the duct tape of "ink" - you can tell me, I promise I won't tattle, lol!

Why wouldn't you love your sharpies? There are so many different colors to choose from these days, and you won't believe what people around the net are using them for these days... Check out these ideas and please try one or two or all of them!

What have you done with your sharpies lately? C'mon, you know you want to share!

Pinspiration from around the world.....

This is for my sister! Love it!!

Sharpie Cross Stitch even I can do

Take the stress out of wrapping paper with sharpies and post-its (yup, another staple)

Love these ornaments! Imagine the possibilities!

Not just your everyday envelopes anymore... trace a doily and watch the elegance emerge...

Doilies may need to be added to that list... check out these on a cup

The Thomas Edison version... not just another light bulb after you've taken your sharpie to it!

This makes it look so easy... I will continue to be amazed at the beauty...

Makes you want to grab your gum or just run out and buy some... think green and Frankie or how about a pumpkin face for a season appropriate view?

Oh so creepy....

I hope you had as much fun as I have with these projects! I know that some were only pictures, if you know the original source, please tell me because I'd love to update my pin so I can link over

Let me know if you've done anything similar or other sharpie art you've done! I need to uncover some zentangles I did with sharpies (if I can find them I will update this post!)

I hope you have a wonderful day!
Antonella Quilling Art


Ann said...

it is amazing what you can do with a sharpie and yes I do have a stash of them :)

Abby said...

Love all the sharpie inspiration! Makes me want to go buy more! =) Thanks for featuring my hoop art!


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