Monday, June 19, 2006

Quilling Supplies & Quilling Links

quilling suppliesHere it is....

I wanted to post a picture of my portable "work area"....
I am not sure if you can see everything, but the slotted tool is green and the needle tool is wooden above it. You can see the tweezers (red) and a few of my scissors. Hard to see, but the T-pins, the office supplies that I use for husking are in there as well.

Everything rests on a corkboard that I bought in the area where they sell quilling supplies. The nice thing about it is that there are circles in varying sizes that I can use and along the 4-sides there is included a ruler (in inches).

I also have the "quilling board" that I sometimes use.

Finding supplies is the hardest part. I live in the US and have ordered from these places that have great selections and have a very quick turn around.
We will start "quilling" tomorrow. I will show you the slotted tool up-close and I will also show you a selection of basic shapes (the ones I tend to use the most).

There are several Yahoo groups that have beautiful photo galleries and also friendly quillers, they are:
  • Quillers (and Quillpictures)
  • AgeOldArtOfQuilling2
If you are interested, don't miss out on the Quilling guilds:
Enjoy! and I look forward to sharing quilling instructions with you...


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chandni said...

I'm very fond of quilling too.I am from India and sadly we dont get quilling supplies i have a tough time cutting strips of paper myself!
gud 2 see ur blog about the basics of quilling which are so essential 4 every beginner!
u can see my quilling cards on my blog
take care n feel free to post ur comments to me
with care

Antonella said...


Thanks for stopping by. I know that finding paper is so difficult for so many quillers. Some say that the best supplies and papers are in the UK, but I am fortunate to have so many online sources. I know that shipping and taxes are very high, but I do know that some of the stores might ship to you? I stopped by and looked at your site - very nice! Love the white flowers!

Hope to hear from you again!

Regina said...

Hi Antonella!!

It´s wonderful to see the work you have done at your blog. Quillers from other countries have some difficulties to find quilling supplies. We don´t have absolutely no tool or paper in Brasil in the 90´s years. I wanted to do my quilling works a little faster. So, using a pen and a cross stitch needle I made a quilling tool. I also buy sheets of paper and have them cutted. But all this work make quilling more interesting and a challenge for us. Congratulations for so lovely ideas in your blog!! I loved each one!!:)))

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi guys, I too have been hunting for quilling supplies in India and finally found one. I guess it'll be useful to you all. They are happy to courier it to your place.

check out:

They also have quilling tools and boards...will give you the quotation when u mail them. Happy quilling.


Imagimake said...

Hi All.. I am from Quill On and We have just launched this website . It is the ultimate destination of all quilling supplies and ideas. For the first time ever, we have launched a multipurpose automated quilling tool Super Quiller . We are very soon launching some cool attachments for crimping and beading , which can go with this tool. Also, for the first time, we have introduced Sticky Back Quilling Strips, so there is not need to apply glue to close the loop. We also have lot of awesome quilling ideas and the list is growing


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