Monday, December 04, 2006

More Quilling Scroll Shape Instructions

The following are some additional Scroll shapes that you can make, they are:
  • Heart-T-Scroll
  • Double Scroll
  • Kissing S-Scrolls
(at least that is what I call them)

I recommend that you use the pictures as a guide.

quilling heart t-scroll
Heart-T-Scroll - named because you place a T-scroll into a Heart-scroll.
  • T-Scroll - fold strip in half, glue bottom where fold is, roll the loose ends outward (away from each other). The resulting shape looks like a "T"
  • Heart Scroll - fold strip in half, roll the loose ends toward eachother.
  • For this design, place the T-Scroll in the center and roll the ends of the heart so that the "T" is taller than the heart.
  • To complete this shape, glue the bottom of the "T" to the point of the heart as shown in the picture

quilling double scroll
Double Scroll
  • Fold a strip of paper nearly in half and glue the end where the fold is.
  • Begin rolling the loose ends in the same direction such that one is shorter than the other.
  • Roll the glued end in the opposite direction. Use the picture for guidance.

quilling kissing s-scroll
Kissing S-Scrolls
  • Make 2 S-scrolls and place the scrolls so that they face eachother.
  • The result is a "heart" shape.

Copyright Antonella DeFalco

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