Monday, December 29, 2008

Free Flower or Floral Patterns

Wow! Can you believe how many patterns I have posted on this site? I know that I can't.

In an effort to make life easier for all of us, I am going to try to simplify the pattern lists for everyone. I have found many patterns along the way that I did not have a link to, so this exercise has definitely been worthwhile.

Please find a list of patterns related to Angels and Crosses. Each of these patterns would be the perfect embellishment for a card, scrapbook page, or framed art. Contact me if you have questions:

  • Flower Power Girl - She is a very happy "girl" made with a flower. She has great energy for the girl(s) in your life - perfect for a scrapbook page and definitely in a frame.
  • Sunburst Flower - This is a neat flower made using 2 strips of coordinating quilling strips in a spreuer design.
  • Sunburst Flower with Ladybug - One of the great things about quilling is that you can combine your quilled items to make an even more spectacular arrangement. This is an example of combining two elements.
  • Trelis with Yellow and Purple Flowers - Flowers look so elegant climbing up a trelis, here is a pattern to get your thought process flowing.
  • Gilded Poinsettia - beautiful gilded poinsettia pattern
  • Poinsettia - a traditional poinsettia with a fringed flower center
  • Autumn Basket - 2 patterns in one. First there is a versatile wicker basket pattern that can be used in many ways, this pattern shows it filled with brightly colored fringed flowers.
  • Daisy Card - this is my favorite Daisy card, the daisy is off-set on a diamond background with the stem artistically arranged such that it barely touches the card.
  • 4 Daisy Designs - 4 variations of the daisy design.
Don't forget to check out the other free pattern links on the left hand side menu.

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